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Figurative art, alternatively known as figurativism, is a style in art forms -predominantly in paintings and sculptures. a treasure trove of fine art from the world’s most renowned artists, galleries, museums and cultural institutions. We offer exclusive works you can’t find anywhere else. Born in Fort Worth, TX, George Grammer (1928-2019) stayed close to home when he enrolled in the art program at Texas Weslyan College. This proved to be an impactful decision, because it was there that he was taught by Kelly Fearing. Under Fearing’s mentorship, Grammer became the youngest member of the highly influential Fort Worth Circle artists of the 1940s and 50s. Grammer continued his education at the Art Students League in New York—becoming a full-time NY resident in 1957. Though he lived in New York for the rest of his life, Grammer remained strongly connected to friends and artists back in Texas. Forum Gallery, RCA Building, Rockefeller Center, New York. First Municipal Art Exhibition: Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Prints by Living American Artists Identified with the New York Art World. 28 February – 31 March 1934. Catalogue with text by Holger Cahill. Donald continued to work in theatre into the early 2000s. Following a move from Glasgow to the west coast of Scotland he decided to pursue painting again. He began to exhibit at local galleries and The Paisley Art Institute. In addition to Red Rag Art Gallery, he has exhibited in galleries from Glasgow to Devon as well as art fairs in Edinburgh and Chelsea. Getting It Right: The Intuitive Translation of Form in Contemporary Abstraction, OSP Gallery, Boston, 2006. Fig. 5c. Angel (right), detail of apse painting in east wall of Room 6, Monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit, 6th-7th century, wall painting. Coptic Museum, Cairo, inv. 7118. Artwork in the public domain; photograph © Heather Badamo, by permission of the American Research Center in Egypt. Odell-Miller, H. (2013). Inside and Outside the Walls: Music Therapy Supervision in a Forensic Setting. In S. C. Dickinson, H. Odell-Miller & J. Adlam (Eds.), Forensic Music Therapy (pp. 42-57). London: Jessica Kingsley. Abad, V., & Williams, K. (2006). Early intervention music therapy for adolescent mothers and their children. British Journal of Music Therapy, 20(1), 31-38. Corbett, William. Thomas Nozkowski: 16 x 20” (Pace Gallery exhibition review). The Brooklyn Rail, February 2018: 72. Selection of drawings by students exploring skills and concepts taught in Drawing 1 that lead to deeper understanding of what it is to make a drawing. Part of UNM ArtsUnexpected, the exhibit highlights an exciting alliance taking shape between the UNM Art Department and VSA arts of New Mexico.

Known for his nature-driven abstract paintings, inspired by the landscapes of British Columbia, Smith kept painting through 2018, living and working until the end in his West Coast Modern home, designed in 1966 by the architect and urban planner Arthur Erickson. He could actually paint from his living room,” says Angela Grossman, a Vancouver-based painter and friend of Smith’s, who recalls his hospitality and generosity toward younger artists and many visits to his home perched on a rocky outcropping between the sea and forest. 1977 Perceptions of the Spirit in Twentieth-Century American Art, Indianapolis Museum of Art and subsequent tour. When Davy Brown returned from his travels he successfully taught contemporary art in Scottish schools. Throughout this time Davy Brown continued to paint and exhibit his paintings along with other leading Scottish artists in both Scottish art galleries and modern British art galleries further afield. Aldridge, D., & Fachner, J. (Eds.). (2006). Music and Altered States – Consciousness, Transcendence, Therapy and Addictions. London: Jessica Kingsley. Masheck, Joseph. Pressing On: Thomas Nozkowski’s Paintings.” Artforum (May 1981): illustrated. Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock. The Face. 1 December 1988 – 26 January 1989. Catalogue by Townsend Wolfe. This ensemble provides students with an introduction to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for satisfactory ensemble performance, namely: adequate technical facility for successful ensemble participation; functional knowledge of musical grammar and syntax in reference to its application in ensemble performance; proper application of aural and rhythmic skills in an ensemble setting; music sensitivity in relation to ensemble performance; and a knowledge of the protocols of ensemble preparation and performance. Emphasis on utilization of major scales and chords through application in both classical and jazz styles. Marion Drummond is now a well established Scottish artist who has developed a style all of her own. Marion’s art work is immediately recognisable and she is an artist with natural talent who produces paintings of high consistent quality. Marion’s paintings are oils, often created by using her fingers rather than brushes or palette knife. Hernandez-Ruiz, E. (2005). Effect of music therapy on the anxiety levels and sleep patterns of abused women in shelters. Journal of Music Therapy, 42(2), 140-158. The Industrial Revolution created a revolution within the revolution. As metallurgy developed an incredible level of sophistication, blacksmiths and other metal workers expressed their creativity in incredible works of art as wrought iron wall décor. It is rooted in our history and suggests a connection to our past. It is also aesthetically durable in its timelessness, as reflection of the past or as well its appeal to your modern preferences.