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There is very good media coverage of all the various visual arts. Chelsea: With approximately 500 galleries, Chelsea is one of the most thriving art districts in New York. The Manhattan neighborhood offers a wide variety of fine art, showcasing up-and-coming artists right alongside the well-known. Disruptive behaviors such as […]

There is very good media coverage of all the various visual arts. Chelsea: With approximately 500 galleries, Chelsea is one of the most thriving art districts in New York. The Manhattan neighborhood offers a wide variety of fine art, showcasing up-and-coming artists right alongside the well-known. Disruptive behaviors such as agitation and aggression are a significant concern among elderly persons with dementia. Physical and pharmacologic restraints, commonly used to manage disruptive behaviors, are often not well tolerated by the elderly. Therefore, there is a need to explore alternative methods of managing these behaviors. Musical cognitive ability may be preserved in elderly individuals with dementia, and music intervention is a relatively simple, noninvasive, and inexpensive intervention for disruptive behaviors. This article will review literature examining the impact of music intervention on disruptive behaviors in long-term care residents with dementia. Architecturally Abstract, Revolution Gallery, New York, May 20-July 24, 1999. Chester, K.K., Holmberg, T.K., Lawrence, M.P., & Thurmond, L.L. (1999). A program-based consultative music therapy model for public schools. Music Therapy Perspectives, 17(2), 82-91. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Abstract Drawings, 1911 – 1981: Selections from the Permanent Collection. 5 May – 11 July 1982. Brochure with text by Paul Cummings. Visual Arts Education is the area of learning that is based upon only the kind of art that one can see, visual arts —drawing, painting, sculpture, and design in jewelry, pottery, weaving, fabrics, etc. and design applied to more practical fields such as commercial graphics and home furnishings. Contemporary topics include photography, video, film, design, and computer art. Art education may focus on students creating art, on learning to criticize or appreciate art, or some combination of the two. Liesbrock, Heinz. Das schwierige Sichtbare Perspektiven des Wirklichen in Fotografie und Malerei.” How you look at it. Fotografien des 20. Jahrhunderts. Exh. cat. Hannover: Landeshauptstadt, Oberbürgermeister, Sprengel Museum and Köln: Oktagon, 2000: 38-59, 338-339. Luyken, Gunda. ‘Painting alone remains full of adventure’: Matisse’s Cut-Outs as an inspiration for Nicolas de Staël, Ellsworth Kelly and Andy Warhol.” (Berggruen, Olivier and Max Hollein, eds.) Exh. cat. Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors – Masterpieces from the Late Years. Frankfurt: Schirn Kunsthalle, 2002: 155. The text is also published in a German edition of this catalogue. Welzenbach, Michael. The Perils of Equality: Thomas Nozkowski at Baumgartner” (exhibition review). Washington Post, 18 February 1989: C2.

In the early years of the Old Jail Art Center, co-founder Bill Bomar commissioned two outdoor granite sculptures for the museum by Texas artist Jesús Bautista Moroles—Moon Ring 3, 1982 (located at the northeast corner of the property) and Granite Sun, 1984 (located in the Marshall R. Young courtyard). While Granite Sun has always held a commanding presence in the sculpture courtyard, you may or may not remember that Moon Ring 3 once made an appearance at the White House. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Artistic Collaboration in the Twentieth Century. 9 June – 19 August 1984. Traveled to Milwaukee Art Museum, WI, 18 November 1984 – 15 January 1985; J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY, 21 February – 21 April 1985. Catalogue with texts by Cynthia Jaffee McCabe, Robert C. Hobbs, and David Shapiro. Gentle, E. C., Barker, M., & Bower, J. (2015). Preservation of singing functioning in a 5 year-old following severe right-sided traumatic brain injury: Insights into the neurological resilience of song from pediatric music therapy. Music and Medicine, 7(3), 14-19. Like any other business, you may want to assess your attributes in regard to becoming a serious artist, whether part-time or full time. Artists David Hockney and Chagall were strong influences during Helen Wilson’s time at the Glasgow School of Art. She has always liked the art work Degas and admires Sickert, Giotto and the Italian Masters. Her greatest influence was Scottish artist Charles MacQueen from her days in the Art Department of her school in Paisley. Due to varying skin sensitivity, it’s best to test face and body paint on an inconspicuous area before applying your entire look. Find non-toxic paints and makeup, as well as face painting kits. Body paint typically washes off with soap and water. Walker’s quest to reassemble pictorial language from a diverse painting vocabulary is no easy task. Throughout his long career he has searched for ways to meld the painterly traditions of Goya, Constable, Turner and Abstract Expressionism with the more formal language of Matisse, Malevich and Ethnographic Art. Over the past decades he has been moving back and forth between both pictorial concepts, sometimes emphasizing his love of light and expressive painterly forms, other times using abbreviated signs, and sometimes managing to simultaneously employ both modes. In his painting series, A Theater of Recollections” (about his father in the muddy trenches of World War I) he combined ideograms, patterns, and words from poems that interact with volumetric shapes and atmospheric moods. The Studio School show is a good introduction to his innovative merging of the physical tactile world with a formal language of signs, ideograms and pictographs, expanding the painter’s language in this time.

The marble walls are punched with phantom holes where crosses used to be inserted and have been pried out. The hooks that icons hung from are still there on the walls – memorials to the vanished art that used to be there. In many cases we actually know what icon is missing from which hook. The ceiling still has hundreds of hooks for the hanging of curtains and lamps. Just look up and they’re there. Look at the floor and you can see the markings where the Byzantine Imperial throne stood. More marks show where candle stands were. Look at the doors of Hagia Sophia and see how the crosses were broken off them. You can hear people shout or sing in the nave to test the acoustics; listen and I try to imagine an Imperial choir in the echo. Is it true that the last priest who celebrated mass in the church took his holy chalice and was swallowed up into a wall, someday to reappear? Well, that’s the story the Greek or Russian guides tell. It may actually relate to a true story about Hagia Sophia. There used to be a long chapel across the back behind the apse. It was called the Chapel of Saint Nicholas. The chapel was walled up and sealed into the big buttresses Andronikos II built against the back of the church. There is still a door in the south wall that lead into the chapel that leads nowhere today. Its possible there is something to be discovered there, perhaps mosaics or paintings. Sozanski, Edward J. Abstract Oils on Paper by Nozkowski” (Paul Cava Gallery exhibition review). The Philadelphia Inquirer, 15 April 1991: C4, illustrated. If Reinhardt’s most visible late work hovers near invisibility, what do we see at the beginning? Following from the image of Reinhardt as the creator of the ultimate” painting, we might imagine a career trajectory that looks something like a steady process of purgation, as the artist transitions from the antic experimentation of his early years to the austere gravity of his mature period. But to envision such a progression would too easily denature a practice motivated, to a striking degree, by a struggle with drawing or, more precisely, with line. At Pace Gallery in New York this past fall, an exhibition of intimately scaled drawings Reinhardt produced between 1935 and 1945 (many never before seen in public) foregrounded this engagement with line and, in the process, highlighted the complexity of his early work’s relationship to his iconic late paintings. Helen Altman- I love the fact she takes ordinary, everyday objects and sees the potential to create from their existence. The commonplace materials that Altman chooses to create her masterpieces are fascinating.


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