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3D abstract art is a form of abstract art which uses the help of modern technology for the purpose of designing and drawing. For first-time buyers and avid collectors alike, a personal Artspace Art Advisor can assist you in learning about, discovering and falling in love with an artwork. However, […]

3D abstract art is a form of abstract art which uses the help of modern technology for the purpose of designing and drawing. For first-time buyers and avid collectors alike, a personal Artspace Art Advisor can assist you in learning about, discovering and falling in love with an artwork. However, just because individuals with ASC have lower levels of cognitive empathy does not mean that they do not also listen to music for emotional purposes. Coinciding with interactionist theories which argue that people seek out environments that are a reflection of the self, Joni Mitchell said in an interview: “The trick is if you listen to that music and you see me, you’re not getting anything out of it. If you listen to that music and you see yourself, it will probably make you cry and you’ll learn something about yourself and now you’re getting something out of it.” 5 Individuals with ASC may like the music that they do, because they are able to see aspects of themselves in the music. Perhaps certain characteristics, themes, and messages in the music reflect what it is like to live with autism. Bull, R. (2008). Autism and the Family: Group Music Therapy with Mothers and Children. In A. Oldfield & C. Flower (Eds.), Music Therapy with Children and their Families (pp. 71-88). London: Jessica Kingsley. American Art Analog. Vol. 3 (includes artist’s statements). Compiled by Michael David Zellman. New York: Chelsea House in association with American Art Analog, 1986. It has been proved that music is related to creativity, and not only among artists. The lives of a number of geniuses, including Albert Einstein and Frank Lloyd Wright, confirm this. A number of innovators were involved in music in some way. For example, a physicist of Russian descent, Leo Theremin, apart from inventing sound alarm systems and a number of tools used in espionage, is best known for his invention of a theremin. It is a musical instrument that uses a magnetic field and which people can play without touching it. Great inventors, mathematicians, and physical theorists were drawn to music either seeking inspiration in it or being fascinated by the musical sounds. Rhinestones, glitter, airbrush tattoos, and face paint, oh-my! Live guest entertainment for Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties. Fig. 10. Portraits of Saints Cosmas and Damian, watercolor of south side of east wall of Chapel XXVIII (next to apse), Monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit, 6th-7th century, wall painting. J. Clédat, Le monastère et la nécropole de Baouît” (Cairo, 1904), plate C. Face Painting LA draws a crowd at tradeshows and conventions. Face Painting guest entertainment, airbrush tattoos, glitter tattoos, live demonstrations, and logo painting are some of our common services requested for tradeshow.

Crosscurrents: An Exchange Exhibition between Guild Hall Museum and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (includes artist’s statements). East Hampton, NY: Guild Hall, 1986. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. The Golden Door: Artist Immigrants of America 1876 – 1976. 20 May – 20 October 1976. Catalogue with texts by Daniel J. Boorstin and Cynthia Jaffee McCabe. In this collage there is a combination of hand embroidery, machine embroidery and quilting techniques. The window openings and shapes were handcut. The bricks were cut and frayed. Fabrics were chosen according to their implied texture – shiny or dull, smooth or course. The colour choices came from a fashion forecast in the furniture industry for that year. Eisler, J. (1990). Creative Music Therapy for the Mentally Handicapped or Emotionally Disturbed Children. In S. Segal (Ed.), Creative Arts and Mental Disability. Berkhamsted: A.B. Academic Publishers. N4th Gallery hosts an artists’ reception on May 3, from 5-7pm, followed by a poetry reading featuring James Burbank, Larry Goodell, Demetria Martinez and Mary Oishi from 7-8:30pm in N4th Theater. An open reading follows the main reading (ten spots available, two-to three short poems each; sign-ups at 6:30pm). Particularly helpful for the monastic context is a 2014 article by Rebecca Krawiec that addresses the conceptually twinned authorial processes of writing and dressing in the production of monastic social memory, processes I see evoked in the Life of Antony and the Life of Paul.R. Krawiec, ‘The Holy Habit and the Teachings of the Elders’: Clothing and Social Memory in Late Antique Monasticism,” in Dressing Judeans and Christians in Antiquity, ed. K. Upson-Saia, C. Daniel-Hughes, and A. J. Batten (Farnham, UK, 2014), 55-73. See also R. Krawiec, Clothing Makes the Monk: The Rhetoric of Clothing in Late Antique Monasticism,” in Living for Eternity: The White Monastery and Its Neighborhood; Proceedings of a Symposium at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, March 6-9, 2003, ed. P. Sellew (Minneapolis, MN, 2009), (abstract only). For the literate monk at Apollo’s monastery, there were also the paired processes of viewing images while wearing the habit. The monk-viewer’s own habit was a constant reminder of his role as disciple and son to his monastic father, his membership in his father’s monastic community, and his own ongoing ascetic work. Pictorial clothing would have resonated powerfully with a monk’s memory of his own investiture, in which his father gave him his clothing, which he took up as a symbolic promise to submit to his father’s authority and teaching. A monk’s habit also symbolized the transmission of ascetic and spiritual authority and lineage, and had the capacity to convey a father’s teachings. Several examples of painted portraits from the monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit make this clear.

Cohn, Marjorie B. and Clare I. Rogan. Touchstone: 200 Years of Artists’ Lithographs. Exh. cat. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Art Museums, 1998: 76, 87. Vink, A.C., Zuidersma, M., Boersma, F., de Jonge, P., Zuidema, S.U., & Slaets, J.P. (2014). Effect of music therapy versus recreational activities on neuropsychiatric symptoms in elderly adults with dementia: An exploratory randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 62(2), 392-393. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX. A Spirited Vision: Highlights of the Bequest of Caroline Wiess Law to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 22 February – 25 April 2004. Catalogue. A bicycle is shown from more than one point of view. Something is draped over the bicycle in each view. The bicycle is old; it has a twisted wheel. Some very light lines appear on the surface as if the artist had begun drawing the bicycle there, but they remain incomplete. There are smudges and blots of yellow paint on the paper surface. Mixing your poster paint with PVA is an excellent way to thicken it. It also has the added advantage of making colours much stronger and glossier. You will be able to make the most of that lovely creamy silky paint. Washing up liquid may sound like a bizarre choice, but when added to poster paint it adds a lustrous shiny finish. You can even water the paint down with a mixture of water and washing up liquid to blow incredible paint bubbles on to the surface of your paper to get some dreamy backgrounds going as well as making an artistic, joyful mess. How to Paint Like Jackson Pollack. Jackson Pollack (1912-1956) was an abstract artist master. His aggressive, innovative technique led to wonderful, energetic paintings. Lines: Lines curve and flow through the image. They are graceful as opposed to dramatic or violent. Shapes: The shapes echo the lovely curves and rhythms of the lines. When contemporary artists tackle Christian subjects today, they often do so in an iconoclastic, ironic, disrespectful or subversive fashion. Think of the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s satirical sculpture La Nona Ora (1999), in which Pope John Paul II lies on a red carpet, crushed by a meteorite that has just plummeted from the heavens; or Piss Christ (1987), a photograph by the American artist Andres Serrano, in which a small plastic crucifix is submerged in a glass of urine. Abraham Pietersz Van Kalraat (1642-1722) (also known as Van Calraet) was a Dutch Golden Age Painter who started his career as an artist painting fruit, but is now also known for his excellent paintings of horses in landscapes. This image of two horses shows Van Kalraat’s attention to detail, and fondness for painting these wonderful animals.

After graduating Morag Muir successfully balanced a career painting and lecturing. Increasing demand for her art work later resulted in Morag concentrating her efforts on painting and she is now a full-time artist. In recent years, Thompson’s work has also been exhibited regularly in group exhibitions worldwide, including Il Secolo del Jazz: Arte, Cinema, Musica e Fotografia da Picasso a Basquiat (The Jazz Century: Art, Cinema, Music and Photography from Picasso to Basquiat) at the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rovereto, Italy, which traveled to the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris France and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Barcelona, Spain (2009); Blues for Smoke at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, CA, which traveled to the Whitney Museum of American Art and Wexner Center for the Arts of the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH (2012); Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties at the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, which traveled to the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH and the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX (2014); Beat Generation at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France (2016); and The Color Line: African American Artists and Segregation at the Musée du Quai Branly (2016). In 2017, Thompson’s work was featured in Visionary Painting: Curated by Alex Katz at the Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville, ME; Regarding the Figure at The Studio Museum in Harlem and Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952-1965 at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery and at the school’s gallery in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Thompson was most recently included in Something to Say: The McNay Presents 100 Years of African American Art at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, TX (2018); Spilling Over: Painting Color in the 1960s, Whitney Museum of American Art (2019); and Afrocosmologies: American Reflections at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT (2019). Masterworks from Degas to Rosenquist. Exh. cat. New York: Acquavella Galleries, 2012. Loss of hearing- Almost all the headphones expose your ears to high-decibel sound waves which can cause some serious damage your ears. If you listen to music on a high volume which is equivalent or higher than 90 decibels, then it may cause some serious damage to your ears as well as permanent hearing loss. Thus make sure to take breaks while listening to music on earphones. Also, maintain the level of volume on a moderate level. Bernstein, Joanne. Moving Horizons: The UBS Art Collection: 1960s to the present day. Exh. cat. Beijing: National Art Museum of China, 2008.

Venice. XXXI Biennale Internazionale d’Arte: Arshile Gorky. 16 June – 7 October 1962. Catalogue with text by Umbro Apollonio, pp. 111 – 114. the pigment. Graphic Design: A term usually used to describe typographic design, advertising, design and the technology of printing. Grid System: A system of parallel, evenly space horizontal and vertical lines used to create a graph on an image. The visual information within each block of the graph can then be transferred to a graph of different dimensions to enlarge, reduce, or distort the image. Ground: The surface on which an artwork is made. Harmony: The unit of all the visual elements of a composition, achieved by repetition of the same or similar elements. Hatching: A method of drawing using close groupings of short parallel lines. The closer the lines, the darker the value achieved. Hooking: A technique of working loops of yarn or thin strips of cloth through an appropriate backing material: for rugs and decorative pile effects. Horizon Line: The line that suggests the boundary between earth and sky in a 2-d work employing linear perspective. It is often only implied. Hue: Another term for colour. Have a collection of found objects which the students can examine for suggestions of things to create from them. Such items as driftwood, stones, roots, or shale can be quite suggestive. Groene, R.W. (1993). Effectiveness of music therapy 1:1 intervention with individuals having senile dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. Journal of Music Therapy, 30(3), 138-157. The circuitry that underlies habit formation and the assimilation of sequence routines, then, also underlies the process of meter-based engagement with music. And it is repetition that defines these musical routines, fusing one note to the next increasingly tightly across multiple iterations. DeBellis (1995) offers this telling example of the tight sequential fusing effected by familiar music: ask yourself whether oh” and you” are sung on the same pitch in the opening to The Star-Spangled Banner. Most people cannot answer this question without starting at the beginning and either singing through or imagining singing through to the word you.” We largely lack access to the individual pitches within the opening phrase – we cannot conjure up a good auditory image of the way you” or can” or by” sounds in this song, but we can produce an excellent auditory image of the entire opening phrase, which includes these component pitches. The passage, then, is like an action sequence or a habit; we can duck in at the start and out at the end, but we have trouble entering or exiting the music midphrase. This condition contributes to the pervasiveness of earworms; once they’ve gripped your mind, they insist on playing through until a point of rest. The remainder of the passage is so tightly welded to its beginning that conscious will cannot intervene and apply the brakes; the music spills forward to a point of rest whether you want it to or not.


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