September 24, 2020


Your life is Art

Abstract Painting Easy

The history of art can be traced back to cave paintings of about 15000 BC. Industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller contributed their enormous wealth, to art and other cultural institutions. You too can be a patron of the arts! However, it is not necessary to commission famous artists. You need not invest thousands. You don’t have to be a millionaire. Invest in wrought iron wall décor. Today, this is as pleasurable and as appealing as the expensive works of art obtained at posh galleries. It is therefore much more accessible and can be indulged in economically to express any style, or taste within that style and any theme relative to your interior design preferences. In a word, this décor is cost effective – an incredible bang for your buck. Conceivably, your entire home can be decorated tastefully at a price far below that of a single piece of a gallery purchase. Lesiuk, T. (2015). The effect of mindfulness-based music therapy on attention and mood in women receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer: A pilot study. Oncology Nursing Forum, 42(3), 276-282. This sculpture towers over the crowds of people who gather in front of Jones Hall before performances of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Pops Orchestra, The Society for the Performing Arts, and a myriad of other shows. Braiding: A manner of consistent twisting together of parallel strands of yarn to form long, decorative bands. Brayer: A rubber-covered roller for inking blocks or plates. Block-out: Parts of the open screen that are blocked out to crate a stencil image; glue, paper and photographic emulsion are block-out media. Built Environment: Structures made by people. Buildings are part of the built environment. Burr: The irregular ridge of metal or plastic throw up on either side or a scratched incision. Calligraphic Line: Any controlled, flowing, continuous use of line in painting, drawing, and sculpture; the character and quality of an artist’s linear work. Carding: The process of aligning wood fibres to create a batt, accomplished with hand cards or on a carding machine. Carving: A subtractive sculpture process in which material is removed from a block or mass of wood, stone, or other material. Closed Forms: Forms that appear massive, lacking any significant extension or intrusion of negative space. Lee, C. (1996). Music at the Edge: The Music Therapy Experiences of a Musician with AIDS. London: Routledge. Western Exhibitions was founded in 2002 by Scott Speh and moved to West Town in 2017, where it shares a building with galleries like Document and Volume Gallery. Featuring emerging and established contemporary artists, the gallery exhibits work in all media and, via WesternXeditions, demonstrates arguably the strongest commitment of any Chicago gallery to showcase artists books, prints and multiples.