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Pieter Cornelis Mondrian Jr. (Piet Mondrian) was born in the Amersfoort area of Netherlands on the 7th of March, 1872. Hear about key works from curators and practicing contemporary artists and listen to a piece of music composed for the Rothko Chapel. The guide will also showcase rare photographs offering insights into the artists’ techniques and working methods. Thomas Nozkowski: Works On Paper 1991-2008 (exhibition catalogue). Interview with the artist by Betsy Senior. New York: Senior & Shopmaker Gallery, 2010. The artist; sold through the Downtown Gallery to the Art Institute of Chicago, 1944. For the collection of data, participants listened to an excerpt and then filled out a short survey consisting of the following three questions: “Does this piece sound happy or sad?” “Do you like this music?” and “How would you describe this music?” For the first question children circled either a happy or a sad face; response options for the second question were thumb up, thumb down, or thumb and fingers making an “ok” sign. Lines were provided for the children to respond in a free operant manner to the last question. Children listened to an excerpt (approximately one minute long) and then answered the three questions in their booklet. Children participated in the project in groups of approximately 20 in a classroom with desks and chairs and a portable CD player. Thomas Nozkowski: Drawings (exhibition catalogue). Text by Barry Schwabsky. New York: New York Studio School, 2003. Annual Exhibition 1960: Contemporary Sculpture and Drawings. Exh. cat. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1960. Trondalen, G. (2011). Music Is About Feelings: Music Therapy with a Young Man Suffering From Anorexia Nervosa. In A. Meadows (Ed.), Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives (pp. 234-252). Gilsum, NH: Barcelona. Dunbar, N. (2010). Quietening the voices: Making a space for music in individual music therapy with an elderly refugee. British Journal of Music Therapy, 23(2), 25-31. Wylie, Charles. Block Island II, 1960 and Green Blue Red, 1963.” Ellsworth Kelly in Dallas. Exh. cat. Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2004: 18. Neo-Minimalism is an art movement of the late 20th and 21st century. As a part of Post Modern Art, Neo-minimalism brought Minimalist Art closer to Meditative Art by paving way to contemplation for the viewer. In removing the excesses, as Meditative Art form, Neo-minimalism tries to help the viewer analyze the subject and transcend to a higher plane of consciousness. Besides an artist’s genius in painting, it also tries to express the greater will through its concept and creation. Allen, R., Hill, E., & Heaton, P. (2009). ‘Hath charms to soothe…’ An exploratory study of how high-functioning adults with ASD experience music. Autism, 13(1), 21-41.

Fyfe, Joe. Thomas Nozkowski’s Spleen: The Sheer Perversity of Thomas Nozkowski’s Drawings Reveals a Deep Criticality” (New York Studio School exhibition review). , 5 April 2003. Meyer, James. Art for the City: Sculpture for a Large Wall, 1957.” Ellsworth Kelly Sculpture for a Large Wall, 1957. Exh. cat. New York: Matthew Marks Gallery, 1998. Hasler, J. (2008). A Piece of the Puzzle: Music Therapy with Looked-After Teenagers and their Carers. In A. Oldfield & C. Flower (Eds.), Music Therapy with Children and their Families(pp. 159-176). London: Jessica Kingsley. Face Painting by (Transformations-By-Tina-Face- Body-Art) Click on the image to go to Tina’s Blog and see more of her work. Music that is soothing and relaxing can help students to beat stress or anxiety while studying. Vink, A. (2000). The Problem of Agitation in Elderly People and the Potential Benefit of Music Therapy. In D. Aldridge (Ed.), Music Therapy in Dementia Care (pp. 102-118). London: Jessica Kingsley. Clift, S., Hancox, G., Morrison, I., Hess, B., Kreutz, G., & Stewart, D. (2010). Choral singing and psychological well-being: Quantitative and qualitative findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey. Journal of Applied Arts and Health, 1(1), 19-34. Öztunç, G. (2015). The effect of music on the sleep quality of breast cancer patients. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 8(3), 633-640. During each baseline (A), subjects were observed while completing a previously learned group music task without therapist facilitation. During the first intervention (B), the music therapist taught the social skills song to the subjects and facilitated role-play of the specific social initiation behaviors targeted in the song (e.g., eye contact, physical touch to gain attention, etc.). During the second intervention (C), subjects engaged in singing the social skills song with the music therapist, then completed the previously learned group music task with therapist facilitation to practice social initiation behaviors. Data was collected during baseline phases only via event recording on an author-created data sheet. Due to the limitations of this study, the authors served as trained observers and inter-rater agreement was 98{665e5bb4999eb4b63bc5cf86855959e213eef9597fcb7384ae9a16de7fc2db97} (average) throughout the length of the study. The Henna cone does not touch the skin however for added protection the henna artist will periodically wipe the tip of the henna cone with an alcohol wipe. Kelly, Ellsworth. Unpublished statement (1957). in Meyer, James. Art for the City: Sculpture for a Large Wall, 1957.” Ellsworth Kelly Sculpture for a Large Wall, 1957. Exh. cat. New York: Matthew Marks Gallery, 1998.

His works can be found in every major collection in the country, as well as public collections in Denmark, France, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, and the United States – of note the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Museum Sztuki, Lodz; Foire National d’Art Contemporain, Paris; Herning Kunstmuseumm, Denmark; Daimler Chrysler Collection, Berlin; Kunstmuseum Esberg, Denmark; and National Gallery of Contemporary Art, Seoul. Frank-Schewebel, A. (2002). Trauma and its Relation to Sound and Music. In J. Sutton (Ed.), Music, Music Therapy and Trauma (pp. 193-210). London: Jessica Kingsley. As an artist trying to pick up the drawing pencil again after many years, I very much enjoyed reading about Frederick McCubbin and seeing his paintings. So much talent, it leaves me speechless just looking at his work. I have to say that from the paintings you posted, my favorites are “View Near Fisherman’s Bend” and “Sheperd’s Hut”, but all of the paintings of his you posted are breathtaking. It was also very interesting to read his biography, the life behind the painter, especially to learn that he was also a baker and ended up taking over the family’s bakery business. McCubbin’s life and works greatly inspired me to grow as an artist. Thank you for writing this article. Spies, Werner. La Collection du Centre Georges Pompidou: les Chefs-d’oeuvre du MNAM.” Exh. cat. Tokyo: Musée d’art contemporain de Tokyo, 1997: 145. Swantes, M., McKinny, C., & Hannibal, N. (2014). Music therapy’s effects on levels of depression, anxiety, and social isolation in Mexican farmworkers living in the United States: A randomized controlled trial. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 41(1), 120-126. The terms modernism and modern art are generally used to describe the succession of art movements that critics and historians have identified since the realism of Gustav Courbet and culminating in abstract art and its developments in the 1960s. Solomon, Alan. Painting in New York: 1944 to 1969. Exh. cat. Pasadena: Pasadena Art Museum, 1969. The purpose of this study was a) to determine whether improvisational music therapy can promote joint attention; b) to explore parents’ and teachers’ perspectives such as perceptions on the child’s growth, importance of music therapy in the development of the child, and underlying factors that might influence the child’s growth, through a qualitative analysis of the data. The research hypothesis was that children with autism who receive music-centered improvisational music therapy will increase expression of joint attention through actions of turning to faces, turn taking, response to joint attention and initiating joint attention.

Demand for Jock MacInnes paintings increased to such an extent that he left Glasgow Art School to concentrate on full time painting in 1999. Prior to this MacInnes had been elected as a member of the prestigious RGI in 1988 and joined the Council of the RGI in 1995. Gold, C., Wigram, T., & Voracek, M. (2007). Effectiveness of music therapy for children and adolescents with psychopathology: A quasi-experimental study. Psychotherapy Research, 17(3), 292-300. Bernstein, Roberta. Red Green Blue: Distillations of Memory in Ellsworth Kelly’s Art.” Ellsworth Kelly: Red Green Blue. Paintings and Studies 1958-1965. Exh. cat. La Jolla: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, 2002: 20-25. Bois, Yve-Alain. The Availability of Malevich.” Malevich and the American Legacy. Exh. cat. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 2011: 21-32, 98, 238. Beautiful images – particularly the Stubbs paintings. I love horses! Great hub. Reyes Padilla – My work is created by actively painting what I see while listening to music. Hello John. This is another great article in this successful series. The paintings displayed show real depth of talent. It is good to know more about Australian artists as they are not household names here in the states. My gosh! McCubbin was a master of painting – some of the images you present, Jodah, take time to just sit and gaze at them, to marvel at the faint detail in the background. “Bush Idyll” is so lovely and would look great on my dining room turned office wall where I spend most of my time. And you are fine writer, my friend. I love these Australian artist series you work so hard on. Magnificent ! (my favorite word today and I chose it for you). An intensive, critical and integrated study of intermediate macro, meso, and micro concepts of music and musicianship. Through applied experiences composing, improvising, writing, performing, listening and analyzing, students will explore and develop competencies in hearing, understanding and applying concepts of compound meters; rhythmic subdivision (expanded); major and minor scales; counterpoint; triadic harmony; phrases and cadences; and song forms. Anna Schwartz Gallery invited Nixon to produce a limited run of posters for the exhibition. The posters are distributed around the inner suburbs of Melbourne and feature his signature graphic design style. Wylie, Charles. Two Totems and the Symphony Panels.” Ellsworth Kelly in Dallas. Exh. cat. Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 2004: 46. Schlaug, G., Marchina, S., & Norton, A. (2008). From singing to speaking: Why singing may lead to recovery of expressive language function in patients with Broca’s aphasia. Music Perception, 25(4), 315-323.