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Andy Warhol was a famous and well-respected American ‘Pop’ artist, considered even as a ‘Post Renaissance Man’ for his unique and unmatched style. M., Ruth. (2010). Randomised controlled trial: Listening to music gives some quality-of-life benefit to older people in a small 4-week trial from Hong Kong. Evidence-Based Nursing, 66, 2677-2687. […]

Andy Warhol was a famous and well-respected American ‘Pop’ artist, considered even as a ‘Post Renaissance Man’ for his unique and unmatched style. M., Ruth. (2010). Randomised controlled trial: Listening to music gives some quality-of-life benefit to older people in a small 4-week trial from Hong Kong. Evidence-Based Nursing, 66, 2677-2687. June 10-14; July 8-12; July 29-Aug. 2. Grades: Rising PK-8. Science and art naturally overlap. Both are means of investigation. Both involve ideas, theories and hypotheses that are tested in places where mind and hand come together, the lab and the studio. Artists, just like scientists study many different things such as, materials, people, culture and history and then learn to transform this information into something else. $165. 803-726-6413. 854 Galway Lane. Always fascinated with the “peculiar light of the veiled sun” of his native Belgium, Bekaert captures it in his paintings, transforming his subjects, investing them with significance far beyond their simplicity. Similarly, he uses the subdued mist to create enchanting paintings which are classically graceful and suffused with mystique, as well as a tough, artistic integrity. Bekaert is the recipient of the 1976 West Flanders Painting Award, as well as the 1967 Knokke Award. Contemporary American Sculpture: Selection 2. Exh. cat. New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1969. Foreword by John I. H. Baur. Not all scholars consider animal song to be conceptually analogous to human music. For instance, Marc Hauser and John McDermott reject this analogy, contrasting the specific functional role of animal song in territorial defense and mate attraction with human music, which they consider to be characteristically produced for pure enjoyment” (although recent evidence suggests that animal song does sometimes occur in other behavioral contexts, and many human musical behaviors can be understood in functional terms). Other researchers do not see fundamental differences between human music and animal song. To circumvent issues related to the use of the word ‘music’ with non-human animals, Martinelli therefore defined zoomusicology as the study of the aesthetic use of sound communication among animals.” Although the use of the word ‘aesthetics’ in relation to non-human animals may itself be controversial, it has a weighty precedent — none other than Darwin attributed aesthetic preferences to birds. Earlier attempts at using musicological approaches to analyze animal song sometimes resulted in improbably anthropomorphic attributions, such as birds being credited with singing major, minor, or pentatonic scales. However, the use of modern acoustical and statistical analytical methods ensures that researchers are now able to describe animal songs more objectively.

Ellis, R.J., Koenig, J., & Thayer, J.F. (2012). Getting to the heart autonomic nervous system function in the context of evidence-based music therapy. Music and Medicine, 4(2), 90-99. Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL. Black. 11 March – 23 April 2005. Catalogue with text by Robert Long. Vink, A., Zuidersma, M., Boersma, F., Jonge, P., Zuidema, S., & Slaets, J. (2012). The effect of music therapy compared with general recreational activities in reducing agitation in people with dementia: A randomised controlled trial. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 28(10), 1031-1038. Bibb, J. (2013). Professor Denise Grocke’s contribution to the establishment of the music therapy profession in Australia: A historical research study. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 24, 3-13. Stevenson, K. (2003). Music therapy assisted communication with children with severe disabilities. The New Zealand Journal of Music Therapy, 82-92. Lee, J., & Thyer, B. (2013). Does music therapy improve mental health in adults? A review. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 23(5), 591-603. Sandler, Irving. The New York School: The Painters and Sculptors of the Fifties (includes artist’s statements). New York: Harper & Row, 1978. Another example is “Leda and the Swan.” “Leda and the Swan” is scene from Greek mythology. Many artists have done their own rendition of this ancient Greek tale. One of my favorites is by Michelangelo. The art contains some nudity which I believe is allowed here but to play it safe I won’t post Michelangelo’s version here. You can easily look it up on line though. The painting is of a semi-nude woman laying down with a Swan (actually Zeus in disguise) beside her. It is exactly the style and quality of painting you would expect to see from Michelangelo. In addition to Red Rag Gallery Morag Muir has exhibited at numerous venues throughout Scotland and the U.K. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Morag Muir artist studio and like all Red Rag Scottish art it can be shipped worldwide. Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. Arshile Gorky: Three Decades of Drawings. 22 September – 4 October 1990. Traveled to Gerald Peters Gallery, Dallas, TX, 11 – 31 October 1990; Gerald Peters Gallery, New York, 5 -21 November 1990; Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH, 7 April – 5 May 1991. Catalogue with text by Melvin P. Lader. RADAR: Selections from the Collection of Vicki and Kent Logan. Dianne Perry Vanderlip, Gwen Chanzit, et al. Denver Art Museum, 2007. Leonid Borisov is part of the exhibition Etude to Art Object at the Mmoma until September 6th.

Kelly, Ellsworth. Statement. in Matisse: A Symposium.” Art in America 81, no. 5 (May 1993): 74-87. Ybody carries multiple face painting and glitter tattoo accessories that are essential to any successful business. We have professional grade glitter application and clean-up brushes available, as well as kabuki brushes. These brushes are anti-bacterial and come in regular, travel and mini sizes. These glitter tattoo brushes come in either plastic or wooden handles, so you can get the best type of brush for your needs. Goodrich, Lloyd. Essay on Abstraction.” 1930. Typescript. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Forrest, L. (2014). Your song, my song, our song: Developing music therapy programs for a culturally diverse community in home-based paediatric palliative care. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 25, 15. Solé, C., Mercadal-Brotons, M., Galati, A., & De Castro, M. (2014). Effects of group music therapy on quality of life, affect, and participation in people with varying levels of dementia. Journal of Music Therapy, 51(1), 103-125. Music has a powerful effect on our emotions. It has the ability make people feel happy, sad, energized, excited or relaxed. You don’t need to participate in music therapy to experience these changes in mood and emotion. How often has a song come on the radio that makes you smile, no matter the mood you were in before you heard it? What about a song that reminds you of a person no longer in your life that reminds you of them? The ability to affect your emotions is one reason why music therapy was first used in a medical setting. Baker, F., & Wigram, T. (2004). The immediate and long-term effects of singing on the mood states of people with traumatic brain injury. British Journal of Music Therapy, 18(2), 55-64. Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present The sudden longing to collapse 30 years of distance, Toby Ziegler’s sixth solo exhibition with the gallery, in which the artist explores the complex relationships between experience and memory, image and data, through the twin lens of figuration and abstraction. Coloured fabrics have been applied to the black background of the jacket. Muted silver comprises a great deal of the positive areas. The jacket is symmetrical with an asymmetrical image on it. The image moves around the coat from front to back. Placement of the image was determined by how it sat in this format. The amount of black space left in proportion to the colour used is significant. Black silk and coloured fabrics are sewn on and around the exterior surface of the jacket. The artist’s choice of colour, shape and their placement was influenced by the painting.


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Sun Jun 14 , 2020
Robert Motherwell was a young American ‘Abstract Expressionist’ painter, printer, collage maker, and author. Thank you Mike. It is funny that names hat I have grown up with here in Australia are virtually unknown in the wider world. It is good to be able to introduce these artists to others […]