Ancient Mummies with Gold Tongues Found in Minya, Egypt –

If you found yourself intrigued by an ancient mummy with a tongue wrapped in golden foil unearthed in Alexandria earlier this year, you are in luck: two more mummies like it have been discovered at a site in Minya, Egypt.

On Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said on Facebook that a University of Barcelona–led archaeological mission had begun researching two burial tombs that may date back to the 26th Dynasty, which is believed to span from 664 B.C.E. to 525 B.C.E. One of those gravesites had never before been excavated.

The archaeologists turned up two bodies—one a man, the other a woman. The man’s tomb had been totally sealed, making it a rare find. The woman’s quartz coffin, however, had already been opened, and according to the National, some of the objects contained within were not in good condition. Alongside the woman’s body, there were green beads and other small objects. Neither body was identified.

In total, there were three gold amulets shaped like tongues found. Two were found inside the each mouth of the man and the woman, and a third was located that once belonged to a three-year-old child. The amulets were dated to Egypt’s Roman era, which began in 30 B.C.E.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities didn’t state what these amulets may have once signified, although back in February, when a mummy with a gold tongue was discovered at the Taposiris Magna Temple, experts said they were meant to allow the dead to commune with Osiris in the afterlife.

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