Are online slot games online popular in Ireland?


When it comes to themes found in slot machines, what’s one of the first things you think of? That’s right, all the Irish-themed slot games found on every online slot site! It’s clear that Irish-themed slots are very popular, but this raises the question – are online slot games actually popular in Ireland? It’s an excellent question, and we’ve got answers or click this link to join.

Read on to find out more – we will be investigating:

–        Land-based gambling laws in Ireland

–        Legality of online gambling in Ireland

–        Popularity of online slot games in Ireland

Gambling Laws in Ireland

To get an idea of how popular online slot games are in Ireland, we must first take a look at the gambling laws in the country. Did you know that land-based casinos are illegal in Ireland? This comes as much surprise to many people, as the country is commonly associated with a huge gambling community. It’s true though – land-based casinos are illegal in the country, and only a small handful of highly-regulated gambling clubs are allowed. This doesn’t mean that gambling isn’t legal in the country – there are still tons of opportunities to gamble for money, but this is only permitted when there is some form of charitable intentions. Ultimately, this means that games such as bingo and lottery are a lot more common. So, does this mean that online slots are not very popular in Ireland due to legality issues? Not quite – read on to find out why!

Popularity of Online Slots in Ireland

Whilst there are indeed very heavy restrictions when it comes to land-based gambling in Ireland, online gambling is actually 100% legal! Irish players can enjoy just about any online casino game just like players can in the UK, and that includes slots – they’re super popular! Just check out the following statistics about online gambling popularity in Ireland:

–        The Irish gambling industry is worth a whopping €9.8 billion despite its land-based restrictions

–        A 2019 report shows that within the year, over two thirds of Irish adults had gambled

–        Whilst the most popular gambling activities are lotteries and scratch cards, online gambling is far more popular among 18-34-year olds.

What this information shows is that online gambling in Ireland is growing thick and fast, and literally every Irish online casino has a massive range of slots available! This shows that online slots are indeed very popular in the country – it’s just a shame that they cannot be enjoyed in the comfort of a casino!

The Verdict

Overall, online slot games are absolutely popular in Ireland, despite the relatively strict gambling laws in the country. Whilst land-based slots are not really found due to regulations, online gambling is 100% legal, and a quick search on any Irish online casino will show that online slots takes up a huge portion of their gaming portfolio. So, what are you waiting for? Go and see what all the fuss is about and sign up to one of the incredible welcome offers found on Irish online slot sites – you’re going to love them!