Ensure you see the best of the gallery’s magnificent works on this 2 to 2.5-hour guided tour, led by an art enthusiast. Clearly, however, that was not the beginning of the blues.

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Designing your own T-shirts and other apparel is a fun process and can be pretty simple. In this painting the infant sleeps securely in the arms of an angel, whilst his exhausted mother naps beside him, oblivious to the presence of a heavenly guardian. The artist Henri Decaisne (1799-1852) painted this popular image in 1832. I like the way that the angel casts his eyes towards heaven, whilst his left wing gently folds around the child’s mother to include her in his embrace. picplzthumbs These explosive hybridizations occur when a society is moving from one dominant medium to another, as in the transition from orality to literacy that unleashed modernism in the Western world and … Read the rest

With fame comes a self-renewing subscription to controversy. This is why several public personalities choose not to court the press or appear in the limelight for too long. Not Davido though who is a sweetheart of the African internetsphere. His larger-than-life persona, has made him quite the controversy magnet but this has not diminished from his grasp on the music scene but rather, fed into it. As the singer paints Twitter in his colours in celebration of his 10 year anniversary in the Nigerian music industry, we‘ve decided to take a look at the controversies that Davido’s brand has not only been surrounded with in the past but has also survived. Here are the 12 times Davido has been involved in and survived controversy:


1. Sonia Jumbo, the first sex scandal

If there was a book on celebrity sex scandals, Davido’s name would be seated beside thousands Read the rest

Some of the world’s oldest cave art is being lost due to the detrimental effects of climate change, according to a new study on the effects of climate change on Sulawesi’s Pleistocene rock art conducted by Jill Huntley and others from the Place, Evolution and Rock Art Heritage Unit at Griffith University in Australia. In southern Sulawesi, Indonesia, more than 300 cave sites are at risk of deterioration—this notably includes some of the earliest cave art ever created, even older than some better-known sites in Europe such as Lascaux and Chauvet.

The art was created using red and mulberry pigments, and includes hand stencils, animal depictions, and images of human-animal hybrids. The Sulawesi caves are home to the oldest animal depiction—a warty pig that is at least 45,500 years old—as well as the oldest hand stencil in the world, made more than 39,900 years ago. One cave even contains what … Read the rest

It is a skill you will improve over time. Great Hub for the Season! The great masterpiece is characterised by one single aspect – the effortlessness with which he could create such musical marvels.

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The popularity of digital art is increasing every year as the technology required is increasingly becoming readily available to everyone. The two Bacchus painted by Caravaggio, the Young Sick Bacchus and the Bacchus, belong to the period 1593-1597. They attest the great change that Caravaggio’s life had experienced in these few years. picplzthumbs The first of the two, the Sick Bacchus, dated 1593-1594, reflects the period of the misery, when the painter, ill, was admitted in the hospital for the poor. Caravaggio portraits himself in a Bacchus with a livid face, showing the signs of the jaundice, as it has been diagnosed by the experts who have examined the … Read the rest

YDN – The Thotiola Story (Part 1)


May 13, 2021 — Afro beats entertainment group YDN is excited to announce the release of their brand-new short film entitled ‘The Thotiola Story.’

The film, which was released on Thursday, May 6, 2021, highlights the controversial topic of materialism in romantic relationships and showcases the group’s ability to portray everyday issues in their music successfully. Directed by YDN & Sam Okhade.

In the film, we meet Thotiola, a beautiful young woman who will do anything to obtain wealth and the finer things in life.

The storyline of ‘Thotiola’ begins with Thotiola at a restaurant with some of her friends. Emsho sees her and thinks they have something going; however, she eventually chooses another, flashier man.
Emsho proceeds to pick up his food and leaves the restaurant. While he is … Read the rest

Before rubber was first used as an eraser in the mid-1700s, people employed everything from pumice to damp bread to expunge their errors. Luckily, we no longer have to turn to the bread box to cleanly remove graphite from paper, but sorting through erasers to find the right one can be a headache, especially when they appear so similar. We’re here to help. For erasers that work beautifully on graphite, last a long time, and don’t leave your workspace grubby, take a look at our top five recommendations below.

Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser
Plastic erasers like the Pentel Hi-Polymer are soft enough to avoid traumatizing your paper but firm enough to offer a high level of control. This eraser, which comes in small (1.7-inch), large (2-inch), and “super XL” (4.5-inch) sizes as well as in pencil-cap form, don’t smear or ghost. Most important, they receive the highest marks in
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All images © Ememem, shared with permission

Throughout his home city of Lyon, Ememem is known as “the pavement surgeon.” The artist repairs gouged sidewalks and splintered facades with colorful mosaics that he describes as “a poem that everybody can read.” Intricate geometric motifs laid with pristine tiles hug the cracks and create “a memory notebook of the city. It reveals what happened, the life in these public places,” he tells Colossal. “Here cobblestones have been picked up and thrown. There a truck from the vegetable market tore off a piece of asphalt…”

Ememem’s first mosaic dates back 10 years when he found himself in a damaged alley in Lyon. At that time, he already was working in ceramic and translated that practice to revitalizing the outdoor area. Since 2016, he’s been consistently filling potholes and other divots throughout France. “It’s a succession of a lot of places and reflections, … Read the rest

Decorated producer and acclaimed Afrobeats genius, KDDO (formerly Kiddominant) releases his debut EP entitled “Too Late Too Lit.”

  • Artiste Name: KDDO (Kiddominant)
  • EP Title: Too Late Too Lit
  • Featured Artists: Davido, Mayorkun, Cassper Nyovest, The Cavemen, Ferow
  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Record Label: Pentlife Music
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Year: 2021

KDDO (Kiddominant) – Too Late Too Lit

The EP was created to be a feel-good body of work for the fans. According to KDDO, it was at the height of the pandemic, having to be locked down and with movement grounded for several weeks long that he realized the need to cherish every moment we’ve got and create good memories every chance we get.

This is one of the main reasons I put this album together. I want people to be able to create great memories with their friends and families with my music,” says KDDO.

Read the rest

The lyrics of Gulzar are what make this number extraordinary and when combined with the classical notes with the voice of Kishore Kumar, it creates an eternal masterpiece.

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Many people have called the 1970’s the second Golden Age of Cinema, on par with movies produced during the late 1920s up to the late 1950s. In America’s bicentennial year these British art rockers appeared on the set to do “Evil Woman” from the Face the Music album. Our attitude toward machines, though, involves more than just fear and apprehension. People have a love affair with technology as well, and we, in fact, do personalize many of our gadgets and appliances. Consider the automobile. We are mesmerized and enthralled with the wonders of technological devices. picplzthumbs We cater to their every need, talk to them, give them names, and polish them with loving caresses. I never … Read the rest

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There’s no reason chalk drawing should be consigned to a fond, faint childhood memory. After all, the possibilities of an easily washable, blendable drawing tool are too great to ignore. Cue liquid chalk markers: a sophisticated alternative to traditional blackboard chalk, sans the noxious, messy chalk dust. Use chalk markers to decorate photo frames, mirrors, windows, dry-erase boards, and many other nonporous surfaces (when drawing on an actual chalkboard, you’ll need to determine whether or not it is nonporous—we recommend testing first in an inconspicuous place). What you can create with chalk markers is limited only by your imagination—and, of course, the quality of the markers at your disposal. To help you find the best ones for your project, we’ve assembled a list of favorites for artists of all Read the rest