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There are many wonderful artists in Norco, California, including face and body painters, caricaturists, portrait artists, and airbrush artists. Kertess, Klaus. 00: Drawings 2000 at Barbara Gladstone Gallery. Exh. cat. New York: Barbara Gladstone Gallery, 2000: 50. Nicholls, T. (2002). ‘Could I Play a Different Role?’: Group Music Therapy with Severely Learning Disabled Adolescents. In A. Davies & E. Richards (Eds.), Music Therapy and Group Work: Sound Company (pp. 231-246). London: Jessica Kingsley. Rattemeyer, Christian. Compass in Hand: Selections from the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection. Exh. cat. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2009: 15-29, 80-81. An entirely different haiga , with a photograph, is based on a haiku by John Wills , a recently deceased American poet. I think it exemplifies how a haiga can be exponentially more than the sum of its parts. If you click on Wills’s name, you’ll see he wrote other haiku that may be more striking, but with Kuniharu’s excellent photograph, something new and wonderful comes into being. Tsiris, G. (2014). Community music therapy: Controversies, synergies and ways forward. International Journal of Community Music, 7(1), 3-9. This article is very educational, Martie. It’s packed with interesting information! I loved listening to the videos, especially the one about click sounds and the one that you created. They’re both fascinating. Thank you very much for sharing all the facts about the people of South Africa. Dietrich, C., Teut, M., Samwel, K.L., Narayanasamy, S., Rathapillil, T., & Thathews, G. (2015). Treating Palliative Care Patients with Pain with the Body Tambura: a prospective case study at St. Joseph’s Hospice for Dying destitute in Dindigul South India. Indian Journal of Palliative Care, 21(2), 236-241. Cassidy, J.W., & Standley, J.M. (1995). The effect of music listening on physiological responses of premature infants in the NICU. Journal of Music Therapy, 32(4), 208-227. Bekaert enjoyed about 15 exhibitions at Vorpal, in both New York City and San Franscisco, as well as many others in Germany, Belgium Holland and Paris. His preponderant commercial market is in the US. Anderson, Harry W. and Mary Margret Anderson. The Anderson Collection at Quadrus. Exh. cat. Menlo Park: Anderson Art Collection, 1988. London & South-East based face painter, glitter, hair braider and body artist for special occasions, festivals, parties and any other kind of event! I’ve worked with Marvel, Lovebox to. Vincent van Gogh is not only hugely popular for the obvious reason that he wasn’t exactly colour blind, it is also as if you can read into them whatever you want to see without being punished for limiting the art or yourself. The complexity of the artist’s personality is communicating to spectators of all times through his art. He is positioned in the post-impressionism era, which represented the frontier between two huge cycles in the history of world art culture, i.e. modern and contemporary art. “Van Gogh was one of the last representatives of the previous art cycle, and the first among those who the future belonged to”, says art critic Alla Narovskaya from Belarus.