Art Industry News: The Biden Administration Says That the Art Market Is ‘Especially Vulnerable to Financial Crimes’ + Other Stories

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Culture Critic Greg Tate Has Died – The cultural critic who influenced a generation with his writing, especially on hip-hop and Black American culture, died on December 7 at the age of 64. Tate was a staff writer at the Village Voice and the author of several books including the acclaimed Flyboy in the Buttermilk: Essays on Contemporary America (1992). “I decided that what Black culture needs is a popular poststructuralism—accessible writing bent on deconstructing the whole of black culture,” Tate wrote in 1986. He was visiting professor of Africana studies at Brown University and the Louis Armstrong Visiting Professor at Columbia University’s Center for Jazz Studies. A skilled guitarist, Tate was also the founder

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Ancient Mummies with Gold Tongues Found in Minya, Egypt –

If you found yourself intrigued by an ancient mummy with a tongue wrapped in golden foil unearthed in Alexandria earlier this year, you are in luck: two more mummies like it have been discovered at a site in Minya, Egypt.

On Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said on Facebook that a University of Barcelona–led archaeological mission had begun researching two burial tombs that may date back to the 26th Dynasty, which is believed to span from 664 B.C.E. to 525 B.C.E. One of those gravesites had never before been excavated.

The archaeologists turned up two bodies—one a man, the other a woman. The man’s tomb had been totally sealed, making it a rare find. The woman’s quartz coffin, however, had already been opened, and according to the National, some of the objects contained within were not in good condition. Alongside the woman’s body, there were green

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A Shakespeare Enthusiast’s Trip To England

49 Economic recession prevented this scheme from being built, but a competition for the Mews site was eventually held in 1831, for which Nash submitted a design with C. R. Cockerell as his co-architect.

best song ever written lyrics

Adobe’s Fireworks CS4 is their latest edition of their hybrid approach to web design and prototyping. The music video for “Best Song Ever” was directed by Ben Winston and written by comedian James Corden 5 Filmed over two days at The Temple House in Miami Beach , Florida , 6 the video was released on the band’s Vevo channel on 22 July 2013. Hoping we are all aware and that we have a willingness to help our neighbors where and when we can. picplzthumbs Sid and Isabella from this story did just that they were mindful of others’ needs for a lifetime. They worked hard, loved, and followed God’s plan for … Read the rest

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Looking for the Next Big Thing? Here Are 6 Exciting Artists to Watch From Miami Art Week 2021

Art fairs can feel like a blur. That’s why, if a work sticks in your mind after hours and hours spent browsing crowded aisles, there is probably a good reason for it.

After hitting the pavement at Art Basel Miami Beach, NADA Miami, Untitled, and more during Miami Art Week, the Artnet News Pro team emerged with a lot of images on our camera rolls. More importantly, we left with a few names that, after a close look and conversations with dealers, advisors, and collectors, we believe are poised to reach the next stage of their careers after a promising outing in Miami. Allow us to introduce—or, in the case of the first artist on this list, re-introduce—you below.


Michael Ray Charles

Michael Ray Charles, (FOREVER FREE) THE FACTS OF LIVE (2012). Photo courtesy of Galerie Templon.

Who: Born in 1967, Michael Ray Charles achieved art stardom in the

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The 5 Best Techno Songs From 1995 To 1999

Somehow, though, the electronic messages were the stronger ones, the ones we ate up, that left us desperate to break out and at the same time, afraid we weren’t normal.

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Art galleries are the perfect settings for exhibiting art, generally visual art such as paintings, sculptures, and photography. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard of this guy, but his paintings are wonderful – full of life and texture. Nice Hub, John. National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian Museum of American Art – (2 hours) – We were able to review quite a bit of American History while walking through these two museums, which are connected by a fabulous courtyard. The courtyard is covered and has a small water area for the kids to play in. It is the perfect spot for a picnic lunch! Tip: Do note that this museum does not open until … Read the rest

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A Look Back at Art News in 2021, From NFTs to Restitution

If we’re being honest, 2021 hasn’t been any better than 2020. Any hopes of “normalcy” were dashed as the alphabet of COVID-19 variants grew longer. As the pandemic raged, the political sphere erupted in chaos, workers across the globe took a stand against exploitation, and we were forced to learn what NFTs are.

Hyperallergic journalists spent the year reporting on the stories most pressing in the cultural sector, from the January 6 Capitol attack to a stall on the Sacklers’ ability to artwash their reputations through philanthropy.

Staff reporters Hakim Bishara and Valentina Di Liscia, along with contributors like Sarah Rose Sharp and Cassie Packard, have worked diligently throughout the difficult year to keep readers up to date. As our publication’s scope has grown, so has our newsroom, with staff reporter Jasmine Liu joining just last week. I can assure you that as we enter the new year, these writers,

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Often sold with the 1970 concert we talked about earlier, despite the multiple live releases from 1972 this has a handful of reasons that make it worthy of attention.

vector artwork free

Vector Art is a technique, which means art created with vector-based programs. Any new technology can affect a democracy and the way it functions. Information and communication technologies can support, undermine, or restructure the work of policy makers such as party officials, members of parliament and other bureaucrats. Television, for example, changed the way parliament operated and greatly increased the influence of the media in politics. The Maze in the west part of the park is the most remote part of Canyonlands and the least visited by tourists except for those hearty souls who wish to explore the unimproved roads with two or four-wheel drive vehicles. picplzthumbs Optimize your time in the British capital on a private full-day … Read the rest

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Brooklyn Museum Hires KP Trueblood as President, COO –

The Brooklyn Museum has appointed Kimberly Panicek (KP) Trueblood as its next president and chief operating officer, beginning next year. She replaces David Berliner, who has served in the role since 2016 and was previously a trustee.

Trueblood has an expansive résumé outside of the museum world, most recently serving as chief of staff for the American Civil Liberties Union since 2017. At the ACLU, she spearheaded several organizational changes within the organization, revamped its fundraising infrastructure, and established an analytics department.

She has also worked extensively in politics, as director of White House Operations during President Barack Obama’s administration between 2013 and 2015, and as deputy CFO and budget director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and then director of operations for Clinton’s transition team. She has held positions in the office of U.S. senator Patty Murray and the Department of the Treasury and served in the U.S. Air Force.

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Christie’s NFT Auction Led with OpenSea Fails to Impress –

While some auction houses and galleries are attempting to launch their own NFT platforms, Christie’s is experimenting with an alternative route. Bidding closed last night on a Christie’s NFT auction that took place entirely on OpenSea, one of the leading NFT platforms, as opposed to on Christie’s own website. By tapping into the existing technical infrastructure that OpenSea has already built, Noah Davis, Christie’s head of digital sales, hopes to launch the auction house into the future.

“I see no way for us to do this off the blockchain and with manual processes, the old way we used to do it,” Davis said in an interview ahead of the sale.

The auction took place December 4–7. Prior to bidding, the pieces offered where exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach in an experience titled “The Gateway.” Christie’s worked with the team at nft now, an NFT news site, on curation,

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A Nigerian Medical Student Wondered Why His Textbooks Only Depict White Patients. So He Drew His Own Illustrations—and They Went Viral

What is missing from medical textbooks? Illustrations showing non-white bodies. This lack of representation has long been the status quo, but Chidiebere Ibe, a 25-year-old first-year medical student at Ukraine’s Kyiv Medical University, is hoping to help change that—starting by making his own medical illustrations featuring Black men, women, and children. His work has found an eager audience online among medical professionals and laypeople alike.

“Textbooks are essential to medical training,” Ibe wrote on YouTube. “They walk medical trainees through conditions they will encounter during their practice. The skin is an important organ that protects us and can signal when something is wrong in our body. Yet, most medical illustrations are on the Caucasian skin. This lack of diversity has important implications for medical trainees and their future patients because many conditions and signs look different based on the patient’s skin color.”

On November 24, Ibe posted a

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