His Most Famous Painting (Bacchus Und Amor)

The outer circle of angels features angels with several different musical instruments, including trombone (see detail and full image below; public domain).

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If you are a designer or even if you need some graphics or images to use on a project then you need to read this article about vector graphics that are legal to use for free. They don’t come any funnier than Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein. A spoof of the classic horror movies Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Using the same sets as the original, the story centers around Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) and his on going effects to re-animate the dead. With the help of a bumbling assistant Igor (Marty Feldman), and the beautiful Inga (Teri Garr) he is able to create life, The Monster (Peter Boyle). With scene after scene of comedy highlights, Mel Brooks brings out the very best in … Read the rest

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Buy Stock Photos And Royalty

It will now be obvious if your wife shares your fantasy and, moreover, she will feel more comfortable talking about it. When your love-making is over, let the subject drop for a time.

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The names that come across one’s mind while speaking about Australia tourist attractions are Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef and many more. The story of No Eun-Sul (Choi Kang-Hee) who struggles to find a career, but finally lands a job as a secretary. picplzthumbs She then falls in love with her handsome boss Cha Ji-Hun (Ji Sung) who seems to be the perfect guy. However, he is not actually the perfect guy. The role reversal begins here. Rather than the woman being a pitiful person who draws the attention of a powerful, arrogant, confident man, the man here is the object of pity by the woman, because of his family situation and … Read the rest

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Best Song Ever (Music Video Version) Lyrics

Most promotional products distributors will offer artwork design services along with your order. National Air & Space Museum – (2 hours) – If I was visiting for only one day, I would skip this one.

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Now we all know how modern western culture celebrates women and femininity as superior and more precious than men and masculinity. You have done w beautiful job of taking us on tours of thesd wonderful parks. picplzthumbs I want to do it in person some day. Thank you for sharing. I liked your article better on Heros, Dogs. They are trainable to be reliable and dependable, and help mankind. Society does not know where they are going. The new generation is show your goods! My granddaughter is endowed with a wonderful body, and says she should show it. She is in competition with other women, and needs to look … Read the rest

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Art In Jewelry

Notwithstanding this, the majority of men involved in the process got past their gender to recognize the just claims to equal voting rights by the other gender.

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Before you ever set foot in a recording studio you should make sure you are, without doubt, going to produce the best song ever. TIP It’s a good idea to first position the layer that will act as a mask above the layer containing the pattern so that you can adjust its size and shape. picplzthumbs After the size and shape are the way you want them, reposition the mask layer beneath the pattern layer. You’ve done us proud! I’ve always loved his work – and that of others of the Heidelberg School – and you have covered it so well. Congratulations for a great article. His work is also a great commentary on the times and culture … Read the rest

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Modern Mixed Media Art

The lilting lyrics and the Greek tune caught public and artist imagination. The instrument has what appears to be a slide but no visible bell (see detail and full image below; public domain) (Belán 111).

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Mannheim Steamroller is best known for their multi-platinum selling Christmas and Holiday albums, which proved to the music industry that holiday music wasn’t the “last gasp” genre for dying artists. Approaching from the road the one soldier is looking over his shoulder signaling to the troops massed in the woods behind to come out into the clearing, filled with juniper and rocks. As you climb the hill to the US flag, the symbol of freedom, you see at the end etched in stone that over 53,000 men lost their lives and more than 8,000 were MIA. At the top is a reflecting pool with a triangular wall jutting into it (the … Read the rest

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From 'Wiz Party' to 'Dumebi', Here Are the Nigerian Summer Jams of the Decade; 2010 to 2020

As Nigerian music continues to grow into a larger export with each passing season, importing ears and eyes from all over the world into the country’s sound and culture, it has become even more important to examine the sounds that have served to shape the scene in different seasons with different elements.
In the spirit of summer and actualising the perpetual dream of young adults to have the time of their lives, be it by shaking our asses in a thong, on a yacht, in Dubai, being boo’ed up, popping bottles or simply having a good time with friends, we recapped some songs that over time have captured the zeitgeist of the temperate period. 

This list features 10 songs from the twenty-tens that for the young Nigerian ears, depicted summer either due to its time of release– sometime between June to September which is the Nigerian summertime, massive circulation or Read the rest

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Angélique Kidjo Drops Star-Studded Album "Mother Nature" | STREAM

African Legendary singer Angélique Kidjo has dropped her New Album titled ‘Mother Nature‘ on the 18th of June 2021.

Angelique Kidjo

Bringing her total project released to a whopping fourteen albums, ‘Mother Nature’ is a star-studded album that features Yemi Alade, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, Salif Keita, Shungudzo Kuyimba, Sampa The Great, Ghetto Boy, Zeynab, Lionel Loueke, M, Blue-Lab Beats EARTHGANG. 

The thirteen-track project carefully selected and released by the four-time Grammy winner largely themes around self-awareness and self-enlightenment especially as an African. The 60-year-old Legendary singer whose career has spanned across three decades has put out mind-blowing projects in the past – powerful projects that fully represent that African culture, mindset, and persona; she continues to dwell on that path.

Angélique Kidjo Mother Nature

Mother Nature’s Artwork

READ ALSO – ‘Mama I Have a Song For You’ -Here’s How Mr Eazi Initiated Angelique Kidjo and Salif Keita Feature with Read the rest

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Here's Why Olamide's Upcoming Album is Named Uy Scuti

In the Nigerian music scene, there are megastars, veteran stars, breakout stars and more. But of all these, none have had as good a run as Olamide Adedeji who is popularly known as Olamide. The street hop rapper is one who 10 years ago, went from being a breakout star to being a superstar, dishing out seismic hit after hit while running a record label with which he has now attained godfather status and veteran stardom. 

On the 18th of June, the hip-hop maestro is set to drop a new album, Uy Scuti, which will be his 10th studio album since he released his career-defining Rapsodi in 2011. A walk through his extensive discography will highlight the rapper’s eclectic nature with some album titles naturally reflecting his humble street background as well as his hip-hop leanings. While there have been some deviant titles such as 999 and his … Read the rest

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"Mama I Have a Song for You" – Here's How Mr Eazi Initiated Angelique Kidjo and Salif Keita Feature With a DM | Watch

Legendary Africa singer and multiple Grammy award winner, Angelique Kidjo has revealed that Mr Eazi initiated the collaboration between them and Salif Keita.

Angelique Kidjo revealed this in a recent interview on Apple Music’s “Africa Now” on Monday, the 14th of June 2021. Speaking to LOOTLOVE, Angelique explained that Mr Eazi sent her a DM, insisting that he has the song for her. The song had a sample from a song by legendary Malian musician, Salif Keita and Angelique insisted he must be part of the song.

Mr Eazi was the one that sent me a DM. He said Mama I have a song for you. He sent the song and of course, Salif’s voice was sampled. An I was like, oh, that’s what I’m talking about. All that transmission is the backbone of our history. Our history is not written, you know? When I received

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Fan Affairs with Buju: "I Don't Let Fame Reduce the Way I Live"

It is every musician’s dream for their music to be well-received by listeners and by so doing, establish a connection between them whereby the listener becomes a fan of the artiste, giving their full support whenever is required. Be it for new music releases, concert shows, brand endorsements, or a clash with another musician. Notjustok’s Fan Affairs is a weekly fun series that examines the relationship of Nigerian musicians and their fans while spotlighting the craziest fan moments of our favorite stars. 

For our first edition of Fan Affairs, we speak to the new age Afro-fusion fan favorite, Buju, who is fondly known as ‘Baby Giant’ to get the scoop on how his fans go crazy for him.


When did it first hit you that you had fans?

I think it hit me when I headlined my first show on the 13th of December, 2019. 

It was Read the rest

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