Robert Indiana Estate, Morgan Art Foundation Dismiss Lawsuits –

A three-year-long, multimillion-dollar legal battle between the estate of Robert Indiana and the Morgan Art Foundation, which represented Indiana during his lifetime and owns the copyright to much of his work, including his famed “LOVE” symbol, has culminated in a settlement. Various suits and countersuits that were pending in court were also dismissed. The news was first reported by the New York Times.

According to a filing in New York District Court last week, the remaining suits between the Morgan Art Foundation and the executor of his estate, James W. Brannan, have all been dismissed, along with ones against the artist’s longtime caretaker, Jamie Thomas. The settlement will allow for the estate and the Morgan Art Foundation to jointly represent the artist’s work and grow his market. The terms of the settlement were not revealed, though all the parties agreed to bear their own legal costs.

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Vector Graphics Explained For The Laymen

So for your first designs keep it simple! The symmetry of this very simple scheme is only broken by the different positions of the two saints, Catherine behind Mary, Peter alongside Joseph.

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Those of us who spent our adolescent years poring over coffee stained copies of The Catcher In The Rye or Tess of the d’Ubervilles whilst bitterly rueing the fact that not a single girl in our school, college or workplace had the good sense to notice the painfully shy bookworm sitting tongue tied beside them, often took refuge in a particular form of popular music. They don’t come any funnier than Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein. A spoof of the classic horror movies Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Using the same sets as the original, the story centers around Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) and his on going effects to re-animate the dead. With the … Read the rest

Art Cities to Watch 2021: Paris –

The stately mansion at 9 Avenue Matignon in Paris is steeped in history. Built in 1913 by architect René Sergent, who created commissioned work for the formidable art collector Pierpont Morgan and the famous dealer Joseph Duveen, it spent the last few decades of the 20th century as an art gallery founded by a makeup mogul, L’Oréal CEO François Dalle.

Since 2000, the building has served as the headquarters of Christie’s, the auction house owned by fashion magnate François Pinault. When Christie’s arrived on Avenue Matignon, the area around it already boasted some high-quality galleries—including Jérôme de Noirmont and Galerie RX—but as rents ascended, many had to leave and make way for the deeper pockets of international luxury goods stores. Over the past five years, however, that has changed. Emmanuel Perrotin, Kamel Mennour, and Almine Rech have opened galleries on the avenue, and set to open in September is a

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Sotheby’s to Auction World Wide Web Code as NFT –

British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee is auctioning the original source code for his most famous creation, the World Wide Web, as an NFT. Set to appear at a Sotheby’s auction called “This Changed Everything” running from June 23 through the end of the month, the work will have a starting bid of $1,000. Sotheby’s has not designated an estimate for the work, though its final sale price is likely to far exceed its starting bid.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit “causes” supported by the MIT professor and his wife Rosemary Leith. Sotheby’s did not specify the names of organizations to which the sale proceeds will be given.

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The time-stamped files being sold contain 9,550 lines of original programming code Berners-Lee wrote. That code has since served as the foundational structures of the internet: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Universal Document Identified (URI). Alongside

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Lucian Freud’s Portrait of David Hockney Could Fetch $11 M. at Auction –

A portrait of David Hockney by Lucian Freud will be featured in Sotheby’s upcoming modern British art evening sale in London, where it is expected to fetch £8 million–£12 million ($11 million–$17 million). It will be among the top lots offered in the sale, which is scheduled to take place on June 29 at the auction house’s New Bond Street location.

The portrait, painted in 2002, was exhibited in the Freud’s 2012 retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in London. At the time it was painted, Freud was 80 years old, and Hockney was 65. It depicts a close-up of Hockney’s face; the artist appears to be mid-thought while looking out toward the viewer.

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“It is hard to think of two greater British artists who are as both critically and commercially acclaimed than Lucian Freud and David Hockney,” said Tom Eddison, Sotheby’s director of contemporary art in London,

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‘The Lost Leonardo’ Offers Insights Into Salvator Mundi Saga –

Leonardo da Vinci’s recently rediscovered painting Salvator Mundi (ca. 1500) may very well eclipse the Mona Lisa in fame, though the reasons why have to do less with its art-historical significance than its market value—the painting sold for $450 million at a Christie’s auction in 2017. This paradox guides Andreas Koefoed’s masterfully told documentary The Lost Leonardo, which debuted this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. In just 95 minutes, Koefoed charts how the painting became the most expensive artwork of all time and how it mysteriously disappeared, in the process managing to offer new insights into a story that has been explored ad nauseam in the press.

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The film opens dramatically, with reenacted footage of a man rifling through an art storage unit at night. With a flashlight in hand, he explains what a “sleeper” painting is: “a painting that’s being offered …

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200 Greatest Rock Anthems Of The 60s And 70s

It is most important to think about the general topic of the songs, and then make a selection from there. Printmaking became a large part of his output. And the end-of-life questions continued.

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Vector Art is a technique, which means art created with vector-based programs. Generally considered two of the best American Movies ever made and landmarks in world cinema. Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather and Godfather II is a multi-generational crime family saga. Staring Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone and Al Pacino as his son Michael; the story takes place in New York in the late 1940’s. The Corlones are a Mafia family, and Vito is the Godfather or Don. Michael is initially an outsider in the family. Making the decision to stay out of the family business. Through a series of unfortunate events, Michael is soon drawn into a life of crime and … Read the rest

Archaeologists Have Discovered a Lost Indigenous Settlement in Florida –

A team of archaeologists is “fairly confident” that they have discovered the location of a lost Indigenous community that once lived in northeast Florida. Mention of the Saraby settlement appears in French and Spanish historical documents as far back as the 1560s, but until now, its location had eluded researchers.

According to the report published by the University of North Florida, whose archaeology lab worked on the find, the type of Indigenous pottery, combined with European artifacts and cartographic map evidence, may prove that Big Talbot Island was the home of the 16th-century Mocama settlement.

The team from the University of North Florida, led by Keith Ashley, UNF Archaeology Lab director and assistant professor, is expanding on decades of excavations in Northeast Florida. The dig is part of the UNF Archaeology Lab’s extensive Mocama Archaeological Project, which focuses on the history of the Mocama-speaking Timucua Native Americans who lived along

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Billionaire Gundlach Gives More to Albright-Knox—and More Art News –

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THERE’S MORE UNUSUAL ART-PRIZE ACTIVITY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. The jury of the prestigious Artes Mundi award, which is based in Cardiff, Wales, declined to name a lone winner for its £40,000 (about $55,600) top honor. It instead decided to give all six of this year’s nominees £10,000 ($13,900), citing the “exceptional social and economic upheaval” of this pandemic moment, the Guardian reports. The co-winners are Firelei Báez, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Meiro Koizumi, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Prabhakar Pachpute, and Carrie Mae Weems. In 2019, the four artists in the running for the Turner Prize decided to evenly divide the prize money, leading the veteran artist Tracey Emin to quip, “It could never have happened in my day.”

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Clipart, Vectors, Logos, Illustrations, Templates And Graphics

The music video illustrates a car accident where 2 cars collide head on and in one of the cars is a male who is driving under the influence and he crashes into a young female of the same age.

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The R2V conversion process starts with a high quality scan. It seems the development of folk music into all its diverse forms has not been a straight road, and no doubt there are many unsung heroes who have contributed to the catalogue of music available today in addition to Harry Smith – many of these would make interesting or deserving subjects for webpage biography. Alun. Take “She’s Leaving Home”, for example, which paints a melancholy portrait of a girl’s troubled life, using a string section in the background to emphasize the drama. It is reasonably effective, but compare it to “Eleanor Rigby”, the standout track from … Read the rest