September 24, 2020


Your life is Art

Effect And Ethos Of Music In Greek And Roman Authors

Art buyers and collectors have many ways to acquire contemporary works of art, especially by living artists. Through media work, art provides the opportunity for physical as well as mental activity. Studio work provides relief from academic pursuits in art and in other subject areas. Since the creation of art works depend upon the manipulation of materials, the importance of developing specific art skills cannot be overstressed. It is during the period of early adolescence that students must develop studio competence. If adolescent students cannot accomplish what they perceive to be good art, they usually become discouraged and abandon art making. Feen-Calligan, H., & Matthews, W.K. (2016). Pre-professional arts based service-learning in music education and art therapy. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 17(17). The Return of the Cadavre Exquis (exhibition catalogue). Text by Ann Philbin. New York: The Drawing Center, 1993: illustrated. Forrest, L. (2014). Your song, my song, our song: Developing music therapy programs for a culturally diverse community in home-based paediatric palliative care. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 25, 15-27. Myers, John Bernard. Tracking the Marvelous: A Life in the New York Art World (includes artist’s statements). New York: Random House, 1983. Daykin, N., McClean, S., & Bunt, L. (2007). Creativity, identity and healing: Participants’ accounts of music therapy in cancer care. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 11(3), 349-370. Artists who are stuck in a rut., or failing to make any money. What I do in the Morning, an open call for artists attracted many responses from the local Albuquerque area community. The work ranges from a multimedia triptych made of beeswax on paper and ink to a wooden sculpture shaped as disposable razor. Other works include acrylic and oil paintings, photography, a tea bag tapestry, monoprint on a pillow case, pencil drawings among others. Painterly Abstraction: Eight New York Artists (exhibition catalogue). Text by Charles Kessler. Los Angeles: Simard Halm & Shee Gallery, 1986: illustrated. Arranged by Peggy Guggenheim, Hofmann’s first exhibition in New York opened in 1944. The same year he opened another exhibition in Chicago, ‘Hans Hofmann, Paintings 1941-1944’. In 1947 he had a succession of exhibitions in New York, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. In the same year The Kootz Gallery (New York) began organizing a solo show of Hofmann that continued almost every year until his death. June 9-15. High school students. Advanced high school students of woodwind, brass, percussion, jazz, voice, piano and strings can participate in this intensive one-week training period for both day and boarding students. $400-$475. For more information: email cleaman@ or call 803-576-5893.