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Galerie Blue Square is dedicated to celebrating the talents of artists inspired by the principles and philosophies of the Russian avant-garde. One of the highlights of the exhibition is a beautiful crystal gown worn by Carey Mulligan as Daisy in the recent adaption of The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann. […]

Galerie Blue Square is dedicated to celebrating the talents of artists inspired by the principles and philosophies of the Russian avant-garde. One of the highlights of the exhibition is a beautiful crystal gown worn by Carey Mulligan as Daisy in the recent adaption of The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann. The gown, designed by Catherine Martin with Prada, shows how future generations have embraced and interpreted 1920s styles. Hoyle, J.N., & McKinney, C.H. (2015). Music therapy in the bereavement of adults with intellectual disabilities: A clinical report. Music Therapy Perspectives, 33(1), 39-44. Oklahoma Art Center, Oklahoma City. An Exhibition of Drawings by Arshile Gorky. 28 October – 25 November 1973. Traveled to Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, 9 December – 6 January 1974; New Orleans Museum of Art, LA, 20 January – 17 February 1974; Amarillo Art Center, TX, 10 March – 7 April 1974; University Museum, Illinois State University, Normal, 21 April – 19 May 1974. Catalogue with texts by George F. Kuebler and Karlen Mooradian. Aldridge, D. (2003). Music therapy references relating to cancer and palliative care. British Journal of Music Therapy, 17(1), 17-25. Four highly acclaimed local artists are transforming ordinary materials into surprising works as they headline a new exhibit at Octavia Art Gallery. The group exhibition is called Conceptual Creations: Collage and Assemblage. Diane Mack talks with gallery owner Pamela Bryan. For heart attack victims, even short-term improvements are welcome. But music may also have long-lasting benefits. A team of scientists at nine American medical centers randomly assigned 748 patients who were scheduled for cardiac catheterization to receive standard care or standard care plus intercessory prayer (prayer on behalf of others); prayer plus music, imaging, and touch (MIT) therapy; or just MIT therapy. The researchers tracked each patient for six months. During that time, there were no differences in the risk of major cardiac events; because these were the primary endpoints of the study, the investigators concluded that neither prayer nor MIT therapy was beneficial. But they also noted that while MIT therapy did not achieve any of the pre-selected goals, patients who received it experienced a clear decrease in anxiety and emotional distress — and they were also 65{665e5bb4999eb4b63bc5cf86855959e213eef9597fcb7384ae9a16de7fc2db97} less likely to die during the six-month study; prayer was not associated with any potential benefit. MIT therapy had three components: music, imaging, and touch. It’s impossible to know if music was the key component, but that possibility would be in tune with other research. Writing in his exhibition catalog of the University of Arizona Art Gallery (1965), Burchfield said that he believed 1917 to be the “golden year” of his career.

New Acquisitions, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Spring-Summer 1984. If you’re studying for a test, putting on background music that you like may seem like a good idea. But if you’re trying to memorize a list in order – facts, numbers, elements of the periodic table – the music may actually be working against you, a new study suggests. Researchers at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, United Kingdom, looked at the ability to recall information in the presence of different sounds. They instructed 25 participants between ages 18 and 30 try to memorize, and later recall, a list of letters in order. The study authors are Nick Perham and Joanne Vizard, and the study published in Applied Clinical Psychology 2010. Brown, S. (1999). The Music, the Meaning, and the Therapist’s Dilemma. In T. Wigram & J. D. backer (Eds.), Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Developmental Disability, Paediatrics and Neurology (pp. 183-200). London: Jessica Kingsley. A series of rectangular shapes which appear to be windows. Those on the left are different only in colour and surface decoration. The large window on the right has a number of bottle shapes sitting on its sill. Along the bottom is a series of brickshapes in a variety of colours. The fabric piece is matted with a neutral mat against a red background which is visible around the edges of the piece. Body art is that art which is made on, with, or consisting of, the human body. It also includes scarification, branding, scalpelling, shaping (for example tight-lacing of corsets), full body tattoo and body painting. Bunt, L., Burns, S., & Turton, P. (2000). The evolution of a music therapy research programme at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. British Journal of Music Therapy, 14(2), 62-69. Nielsen’s first published commission included a suite of monotone and full colour illustrations for In Powder and Crinoline (1913) – a collection of modern fairy tales compiled by Arthur Quiller-Couch. A year later, his illustrations for the Norse fairy tales collected by Asbjörnsen and Moe – considered by many to be among his masterpieces – were published in East of the Sun and West of the Moon (1914). Following World War I, Nielsen produced other great works, including illustrations for Fairy Tales by Hans Anderson (1923) and other collections of fairy tales published in Hansel and Gretel and other Stories by the Brothers Grimm (1925) and Red Magic (1930). M. Knoedler & Co., Inc., New York. Gorky: Drawings. 25 November – 27 December 1969. Catalogue with text by Jim M. Jordan. 7 Artists. Exh. cat. New York: Sidney Janis Gallery, 1970.

Thomas Nozkowski Paintings: 1980-1990 (exhibition catalogue). Text by Charles Hagen. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Beaver College Art Gallery, 1991: illustrated. Anecdotal reports have indicated that karaoke singing (Batavia & Batavia, 2003) and beat-boxing (mouth percussion) may provide benefits for respiratory health (Warms, 2007). A number of research studies have also indicated that regular singing can reduce sleepiness, snoring, and sleep apnoea symptoms by increasing the strength of the pharyngeal muscles (Hilton et al., 2013; Ojay & Ernst 2000; Pai et al., 2008). Other research has found similar effects on sleep apnoea symptoms from didgeridoo playing (Puhan et al., 2006). Didgeridoo playing can also improve respiratory function for people with asthma (Eley & Gorman, 2008; 2010) as does other wind instrument playing (Lucia, 1994) and singing (Wade, 2002). Impressionism: Like Courbet, the impressionists chose to paint scenes of everyday modern life. They also wanted to capture the movement and effects of light that they saw in nature and rejected established styles, using instead rapid brush marks and bright colours. Their radical technique and creation of paintings which can appear quite abstract, place them as important innovators in the early history of modern art. The piece is folded as a diaper, designed to resemble an envelope and has the expected address, postage stamps, and postal stickers on the outside. It is rectangular, asymmetrically balanced on the outside. The piece unfolds to reveal an almost circular pattern of images and objects. Warm yellows, browns and pinks against white make up the colour scheme. THOMAS KINKADE (1958 – 2012) WAS AN AMERICAN ICON along with Peter Max in the art world. Virtually everybody, including me, wants to own a “Kinkade”; in 2006 I got mine. He was by far America’s most prolific painter in that he did probably the best job of any artist in mass marketing his art work. DOCUMENT, founded and directed by Aron Gent, is an exhibition space featuring contemporary photography and video works, as well as a scanning and printing studio specializing in large-scale photographs for museum and gallery exhibitions. Undergraduate university degrees in music, including the Bachelor of Music , the Bachelor of Music Education, and the Bachelor of Arts (with a major in music) typically take about four years to complete. These degrees provide students with a grounding in music theory and music history, and many students also study an instrument or learn singing technique as part of their program. Graduates of undergraduate music programs can seek employment or go on to further study in music graduate programs. Bachelor’s degree graduates are also eligible to apply to some graduate programs and professional schools outside of music (e.g., public administration , business administration , library science , and, in some jurisdictions, teacher’s college , law school or medical school ).

You guys were great to work with. The other henna tattoo artist we used before was not very cooperative and rude to the guest. You guys were great. The kids loved you. We will definitely be using you more in the future. This exhibit focuses on these so-called contemporary relics and the obsessive nature of the artists who produce them. And what makes their nature obsessive? It is their intense curiosity, their methodical thinking, and their discoveries. Through the creative process, artists not only create cultural relics, but become contemporary anthropologists. Helen Wilson is a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters (RSW). Her paintings are in various private and public art collections including: Glasgow Art Gallery, Kelvingrove, Paisley Museum & Art Gallery, Scottish Arts Council, Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the Royal College of Physicians. One of the most famous artists to ever capture the horse on canvas was the 18th century English Romantic painter George Stubbs. Boer, D., Fischer, R., Strack, M., Bond, M. H. Lo, E., & Lam, J. (2011). How shared preferences in music creates bonds between people: Values as the missing link. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1-13. Rich, Sarah K. Ellsworth Kelly’s Spectacular Painting Red Blue Green.” Ellsworth Kelly: Red Green Blue. Paintings and Studies 1958-1965. Exh. cat. La Jolla: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, 2002: 32-39. During the European Renaissance of the 14th-17th centuries, horse paintings surged in popularity for the first time since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Many of the great Renaissance painters made breathtakingly beautiful equine paintings and statues. Strong, powerful, simple because of the solid shapes, strong design and, simple colour scheme. The power and simplicity of the owl’s wisdom is implied. Arnold Herstand & Company, New York. Surrealism: From Paris to New York. 12 May – Summer 1990. Catalogue with texts by Martin Friedman and Shane Dunworth. A Mother and Son United by Love and Art – Deborah Willis and Hank Willis Thomas at TEDWomen 2017 (video and text) Deborah Willis is an author and curator, pioneering research that focused on cultural histories envisioning the black body, women and gender. She is a celebrated photographer, acclaimed historian of photography, MacArthur and Guggenheim Fellow, and University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography & Imaging at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Willis received the NAACP Image Award in 2014 for her co-authored book Envisioning Emancipation: Black Americans and the End of Slavery (with Barbara Krauthamer) and in 2015 for the documentary Through a Lens Darkly, inspired by her book Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers 1840 to the Present.


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American Abstract expressionist painter Franz Kline was born on May 23rd 1910 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Greenberg, D.M., Rentfrow, P.J., & Baron-Cohen, S. (2015). Can music increase empathy? Interpreting musical experience through the empathizing-systemizing (ES) theory: Implications for Autism. Empirical Musicology Review, 10(1-2), 80-95. Body painting is an art that has been […]