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Hans Hofmann was a strong exponent of abstract art whose paintings depicted a relationship between powerful and vibrant colours on a clearly defined underlying structure, Hans Hofmann – representative of the Abstract Expressionism movement – was born in Weissenberg in Bavaria on March 21st 1880. Brown, R. A. (2012). Music […]

Hans Hofmann was a strong exponent of abstract art whose paintings depicted a relationship between powerful and vibrant colours on a clearly defined underlying structure, Hans Hofmann – representative of the Abstract Expressionism movement – was born in Weissenberg in Bavaria on March 21st 1880. Brown, R. A. (2012). Music preferences and personality among Japanese university students. International Journal of Psychology, 47(4), 259-268. City Art Museum, St. Louis, MO. American Painting: 39th Annual Exhibition. 16 February – 19 March 1946. Catalogue with text by Charles Nagel, Jr., published in Bulletin, City Art Museum, St. Louis 31, no. 1 (1946). N4th Gallery presents a group exhibition of artwork created by artists utilizing the OFFCenter Community Arts Project Studio. OffCenter Community Arts Project is a public art space facilitating free access and education in the arts to the Albuquerque community since 2001. This exhibition includes a selection of unique and engaging artwork created by four prolific artists working in a variety of artistic media. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting. 6 December 1947 – 25 January 1948. Catalogue. Goodman, K. (2011). Music Therapy Education and Training: From Theory to Practice. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas. Stuart Buchanan’s paintings are easily identifiable. His art work display a recurring theme of solitude. This is not to suggest his paintings are lonely but rather a celebration of peace and serenity. Buchanan creates a world of peace and refuge away from the day to day of the outside world. His paintings depict mostly single figures and pairs and all share an enviable meditative state. The figures are often involved in an activity beyond the canvas and the viewer – such as gazing out to sea or at the stars, or daydreaming. He draws inspiration from his own childhood memories and experiences, as well as more current day to day life and the environment and landscapes that surround him. Experts say this museum is a cultural treasure. It is the place where Jackson Pollock helped introduce the world to Abstract Expressionism. Pollock helped break the traditional rules of representation and established America as an important center for modern art. 181st Annual: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art, National Academy of Design Museum, New York, May 11-June 18, 2006. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. An Exhibition of Work by 46 Painters and Sculptors under 35 Years of Age. 11 – 26 April 1930. Catalogue. Whipple, J. (2008). The effect of music-reinforced nonnutritive sucking on state of preterm, low birthweight infants experiencing heelstick. Journal of Music Therapy, 45(3), 227-272. de Chassey, Éric. Paris: Capital of the Arts 1900-1968. Exh. cat. London: Royal Academy of Arts, 2002: 217, 320, 346-347, 351. The gathering reveals an ambitious, sometimes awkward painter devoted to working in the open air who felt compelled to respond to Jackson Pollock and the radical allover compositions of his abstract drip paintings. Alex Katz had done something similar in the early 1950s in paintings in which he worked the branches of bare winter trees into black crisscrossing networks.

Jacob Kainen, a Washington artist, helped Louis to obtain a teaching position at the Washington Workshop Center of the Arts, which was founded in 1945 by Leon and Ida Berkowitz. Louis taught two adult painting classes each week. He became friendly with Kenneth Noland, also an instructor at the workshop. See the Eyes On exhibition overview page for the latest information on the multi-year contemporary art series. Concerning the marble revetment in the church we can find the green marble of Karystos, rose-colored from Phrygia, red Imperial Porphyry from Egypt, Green Porphyry from Sparta, buff lassikos from Caria, white-yellowish marble from Lydia, gold-colored marble from Libya, chunky black and white breccia Celticum from France, honey-colored Onyx from Pamukkale, green Verde Antique from Thessaly, white marble from Proconnesos and the grey-colored marble from Vosporos, which have all been used. The position of each piece was carefully selected to create patterns and color harmonies. Some sections of revetment have patterns that resemble hanging curtains and others resemble human faces and angels. The mosaics in the arches and vaults were color-keyed to enhance the revetment near it. The huge golden bands of onyx would have echoed the mosaics above. Studies indicate that the ability to understand emotional messages in music starts early, and improves throughout child development. Studies investigating music and emotion in children primarily play a musical excerpt for children and have them look at pictorial expressions of faces. These facial expressions display different emotions and children are asked to select the face that best matches the music’s emotional tone. Studies have shown that children are able to assign specific emotions to pieces of music; however, there is debate regarding the age at which this ability begins. Basualdo, Carlos. A Contemporary Triumph – The Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.” Embracing The Contemporary – The Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection. Exh. cat. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2016: 13-18. Paintings come in all forms. Think of the detailed, anatomically correct Renaissance paintings of Raphael and Michelangelo. Scenes so human you’d think the subjects could just jump off of the canvass. On the opposite end of the spectrum, think of the abstract works produced by Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning. Their ines of intersecting color producing pure energy on canvass. Then think of all they styles in between. Archives, Abstract Art Controversy Correspondence, box H4, file 82. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

The initial perception of music, similar to other sound stimuli, starts in the cochlea, in the inner ear, where acoustic information is translated into neural activity. This neural activity is then translated into distinct music features (attributes) such as pitch, timbre, roughness, and intensity in the midbrain. Moving up to the thalamus, the relay center for sensory stimuli, this information is then directed to the auditory cortex of the brain. Kavi Gupta Gallery exhibits international emerging and mid-career artists in all media, including global art star Theaster Gates, whose practice encompasses installation, performance and urban interventions; multimedia artist Tony Tasset; Puerto Rican-born painter Angel Otero; folk art-style painter Clare Rojas and more. It’s part of the network of galleries that includes Kavi Gupta Elizabeth Street (219 N Elizabeth Street). Objective: The goal of this study was to synthesize information from published qualitative studies in which music therapy sessions were a direct source of data. The synthesis highlighted both observed outcomes, data analysis techniques, main outcomes of each study, and applicability of findings for clinicians. Music as a means to manage stress is a technique that some people learn over time and experience. Though the credit here may be given to the mere aesthetic enjoyment of music, other aspects of music have proven to be useful as well. A study took place to measure the effects of music lessons on children suffering from anxiety disorders. The results showed that the children were more confident, social, and independent (Walker, 2002). Russell, John. The Meanings of Modern Art (includes artist’s statements). New York: The Museum of Modern Art; Harper & Row, 1981. Cooper, Harry. Ellsworth Kelly: Self-Portrait Drawings 1944-1992. Exh. cat. New York: Matthew Marks Gallery, 2003. Robarts, J., & Sloboda, A. (1994). Perspectives on music therapy with people with anorexia nervosa. British Journal of Music Therapy, 8(1), 7-14. Russell, John. Outdoor Abstractions – Ellsworth Kelly’s Pure Sculptures in the American Landscape.” House and Garden (February 1987): 182-185, 200, 202. Fig. 11. Portraits of Anoup, Brother Lazarus, and Abba John who is our father,” watercolor of south wall of Chapel XXVIII, Monastery of Apa Apollo at Bawit, 6th-7th century, wall painting. J. Clédat, Le monastère et la nécropole de Baouît” (Cairo, 1904), plate CIX. Bryce, L., & Wettone, S. (2007). Drawing and drumming: A pilot art and music therapy group on an assessment ward in a medium secure unit. British Journal of Music Therapy, 21(2), 58-67.


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