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Lyonel Charles Feininger or Lyonel Feininger, the German-American ‘Expressionist’ painter, printmaker, and caricaturist, was born on July 17, 1871. The Brooklyn Museum, New York. American Drawings from the Collection of the Brooklyn Museum. 23 August – 5 November 1972. Checklist. Spinal fusion (SF) for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is one of the most painful surgeries performed on adolescents. Music Therapy is an intervention shown to decrease postoperative pain intensity in adult samples. Currently at our hospital, a Music Therapist (MT) visits AIS patients on postoperative day 2 when the adolescent gets out of bed to a chair for the first time. As in many hospitals, resources are limited and the therapist can only provide one session per patient. We wanted to know if using other methods for delivering music (e.g., IPod, IPad, website) in addition to the usual individualized music therapy session would be desirable. Our first step was to ask adolescents’ their opinion. Hi Jayjay, I really got into the research aspect of this hub. I love seeing how artists interpret the world around them, and the photographic version makes for an interesting comparison. The women artists produce many various screen print designs depicting fish traps and dilly bags in different styles and formats, using all natural fibres in silks, linens and cottons. Artists at Maningrida Arts and Culture produces the woven fibre dilly bags and fish traps, made from leaves of the pandanus tree. The region around Maningrida is home to over 100 clan groups who speak 12 different languages. This exhibition is presented in association with Babbarra Women’s Centre. Face paint, glitter makeup & glitter tattoos for parties, weddings, corporate events and festivals. Essex and London. Fully insured & DBS checked. This painting by French artist Jacques Louis David, could be considered the first truly political artwork. It depicts the aftermath of revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat’s murder, who was stabbed in his bathtub. David took a poignant political moment and painted it with near-photographic simplicity; his painting of his dead friend went on to become a pertinent piece of political propaganda, seeing it turned into an engraving which was widely circulated among the public. If you missed the huge Hockney exhibition back in 2017, this is a great opportunity to see some of his lesser-seen works. It features around 150 different drawings the artist made of himself, his muses, friends and family, drawn from both private collections around the world and his own personal stash. Arts-Based Environmental Education brings art education and environmental education together in one undertaking. The approach has two essential characteristics. The first is that it refers to a specific kind of environmental education that starts off from an artistic approach. Different from other types of outdoor or environmental education which offer room for aesthetic experiences, AEE turns the tables in a fundamental way. Art is not an added quality, the icing on the cake; it is rather the point of departure in the effort to find ways in which people can connect to their environment. A second fundamental characteristic is that AEE is one of the first contemporary approaches of bringing together artistic practice and environmental education in which practitioners also made an attempt to formulate an epistemology.

Patel, R., Suresh, V., & Ravindra, H.N. (2015). A study to evaluate the effects of music therapy on depression among cancer patient admied in selected cancer hospitals at Vadodara. International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing, 1(1), 115-120. Oldfield, A. (2008). Working in Partnership and Supporting Parents: Music Therapy for Pre-School Children and their Parents at a Child Development Centre. In A. Oldfield & C. Flower (Eds.), Music Therapy with Children and their Families (pp. 19-36). London: Jessica Kingsley. The exhibition can be experienced in two dramatically different states. The gallery is lined with a group of large geometric, non-figurative works on paper, reminiscent of Ziegler’s early works, juxtaposed with a group of smaller more figurative oil paintings on aluminium. Periodically though, the tranquil space of the gallery is transformed into a multi-projector video installation, in which a barrage of projected images covers the walls and overlays the 2D works, to a soundtrack that oscillates between melody and noise. Gold, C., Solli, H.P., Kruger, V., & Lie, S.A. (2009). Dose-response relationship in music therapy for people with serious mental disorders: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 29(3), 193-207. The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester: Handbook. Rochester, NY: Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, 1961. Buck, Jr., Robert. The Development of Modernist Painting: Jackson Pollock to the Present. Exh. cat. St. Louis: Washington University Gallery of Art-Steinberg Hall, 1969. Beat Deafness is a form of congenital amusia characterized by a person’s inability to feel musical rhythm or move in time to it. Several magazine articles have featured Deborah Phillips paintings including Artists and Illustrators and International Artist Magazine. She has also been the Cover Artist for Picture Business Magazine. And images of Deborah’s contemporary paintings are now available as greetings cards from Paperlink within their L’arte range. When she is not painting Deborah Phillips is also a convener at the Dundee Art Society. Aletraris, L., Paino, M., Edmond, M.B., Roman, P.M., & Bride, B.E. (2014). The use of art and music therapy in substance abuse treatment programs. Journal of Addictions Nursing, 25(4), 190-196. A finalist in the Hunting Art prizes competition in London in 1989, 1993, and 1998, and highly commended in the same competition in 1996, John Kingsley has firmly established his reputation as a leading Scottish contemporary artist. He won the William Bowie Landscape Prize in 1991 and the Mary Armour Award at the Paisley Art Institute in 1992. Other awards include the Paisley Art Institute prize in 2003, the Reid Kerr College Award for painting in 2006, the Watermark Award in 2013, and the May Marshall Brown Award in 2017 (both at the RSW). John Kingsley also served as a member of the council of the Paisley Art Institute for fifteen years and was recently made an RSW after being elected a member of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Jacob Kainen, a Washington artist, helped Louis to obtain a teaching position at the Washington Workshop Center of the Arts, which was founded in 1945 by Leon and Ida Berkowitz. Louis taught two adult painting classes each week. He became friendly with Kenneth Noland, also an instructor at the workshop. See the Eyes On exhibition overview page for the latest information on the multi-year contemporary art series. Concerning the marble revetment in the church we can find the green marble of Karystos, rose-colored from Phrygia, red Imperial Porphyry from Egypt, Green Porphyry from Sparta, buff lassikos from Caria, white-yellowish marble from Lydia, gold-colored marble from Libya, chunky black and white breccia Celticum from France, honey-colored Onyx from Pamukkale, green Verde Antique from Thessaly, white marble from Proconnesos and the grey-colored marble from Vosporos, which have all been used. The position of each piece was carefully selected to create patterns and color harmonies. Some sections of revetment have patterns that resemble hanging curtains and others resemble human faces and angels. The mosaics in the arches and vaults were color-keyed to enhance the revetment near it. The huge golden bands of onyx would have echoed the mosaics above. Studies indicate that the ability to understand emotional messages in music starts early, and improves throughout child development. Studies investigating music and emotion in children primarily play a musical excerpt for children and have them look at pictorial expressions of faces. These facial expressions display different emotions and children are asked to select the face that best matches the music’s emotional tone. Studies have shown that children are able to assign specific emotions to pieces of music; however, there is debate regarding the age at which this ability begins. Basualdo, Carlos. A Contemporary Triumph – The Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.” Embracing The Contemporary – The Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection. Exh. cat. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2016: 13-18. Paintings come in all forms. Think of the detailed, anatomically correct Renaissance paintings of Raphael and Michelangelo. Scenes so human you’d think the subjects could just jump off of the canvass. On the opposite end of the spectrum, think of the abstract works produced by Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning. Their ines of intersecting color producing pure energy on canvass. Then think of all they styles in between. Archives, Abstract Art Controversy Correspondence, box H4, file 82. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Ibberson, C. (1996). A natural end: One story about Catherine. British Journal of Music Therapy, 10(1), 24-31. Coates, Robert M. Hans Hofmann: 1880-1966.” Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters, second series, no. 17 (1967): pp. 78-79. Every year The Royal Collection mounts a selection of world-class exhibitions. Exhibits range from the personal gifts of Queen Victoria to her beloved Albert to anatomical drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and superb etchings and oil drawings by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione. A unique system for jump-starting artistic creativity, encouraging experimentation and growth, and increasing sales for artists of all levels, from novices to professionals. Ansdell, G. (2014). Revisiting ‘Community music therapy and the winds of change’ (2002). An original article and a retrospective evaluation. International Journal of Community Music, 7(1), 11-45. Bergmann, T., Sappok, T., Diefenbacher, A., Dames, S., Heinrich, M., Ziegler, M., & Dziobek, I. (2015). Music-based autism diagnostics (MUSAD) – A newly developed diagnostic measure for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities suspected of autism. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 43-44, 123-135. A notable area in the modern collection is painting and sculpture of the United States post-World War II. The AGO owns many examples of Abstract Expressionism with works by Arshile Gorky, Hans Hofmann, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and David Smith. Post-painterly abstraction is represented with paintings by Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Ellsworth Kelly, Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland and Frank Stella. Works by European neo-avant-gardes such as Karl Appel, Jean Dubuffet, Luis Feito and Marie-Helene Vieira da Silva also distinguish the collection. In 1983, Hanser, Larson, and ‘Connell studied the use of music to enhance relaxation and decrease pain responses in mothers during childbirth. The music therapists used music to cue rhythmic breathing, assist the mothers in relaxation, prompt positive associations, and help focus attention on the music as a diversion from pain and hospital sounds. A small sample of seven Lamaze-trained mothers was used and subjects served as their own controls. Two individual music therapy sessions were conducted with the subjects prior to the birth experiences. In the first session the music therapist established rapport and determined the musical preferences of the mother. Prior to the second session the music therapist developed an individualized music program for each mom. During the second session the mothers were familiarized with their music programs and instructed in relaxation and breathing techniques.