How to find the slots that pay the most money


It is always a balance between finding machines when you play online slots, be they virtual or physical, that give you the most enjoyable experience and finding the slots that will pay you the most money.

Since the beginning of the slot machine, there has always been hearsay and conjecture surrounding the myths of slot machines. Some say that if you go on a certain slot machine every ten times it does not pay out to another unlucky player, then that slot will pay you the most money, others say that the slot machines near the door always spill the goods!

But what is the truth of the matter? How can you find the slots that pay the most money and should you be listening to the rumours? For the players who want to be partying with the top dogs of the slot machine scene, we are going to clue you into a few little secrets, renounce some myths, and tell you how to find the slots that pay the most money!

Myth versus fact: What should you believe about the slots that pay the most cash?

We have all heard a few wives tales about the slot machines that pay out the most money to players… but are they to be trusted and should you follow their guidance?

Follow us to part the myths from the truths so that you know where to go to get the most money from slots:

Theory Description Truth or myth?
Slots pay out the most money on every 10th spin The idea behind this is that slot machines give dud spins to players for a certain amount of time before paying out the most money to players. While slot machines do pay the most money at a certain frequency, every tenth go is a little ambitious!
Slots near the door pay out the most money Players in real casinos might begin to believe that the slot machines nearest to the door pay the most money because they are there to attract new customers walking by. This is a trope that has been ramped up by film and culture, the casino refused to make any comment!
You should look for hit rate on your slot games Slot games state their RTP and hit rate either in their description or in the game. This means that you can find out if that slot machine pays out the most money by simply reading its info. Truth! Look in the description of games and compare to see if they pay the most cash.

While it may seem a little time-consuming, you can find out which slot games pay out the most money by simply comparing their stats in their descriptions.

You will not be able to look through every game and you probably will not find the slot game that pays the most money, but, in the process, you will find games that have great hit rates, high RTPs, and slot games that sport themes that might just tickle your fancy!