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Hans Hofmann was a strong exponent of abstract art whose paintings depicted a relationship between powerful and vibrant colours on a clearly defined underlying structure, Hans Hofmann – representative of the Abstract Expressionism movement – was born in Weissenberg in Bavaria on March 21st 1880. London’s Pushkin House opens Russian Contemporary: Drawing. No Limits featuring the works of 23 artists: Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Yury Alexandrov, Maria Arendt, Yury Avvakumov, Liza Bobkova, Amanita, Annushka Brochet, Kirill Chelushkin, Vladimir Grig, Ilya Grishaev, Georgy Litichesky, Natalia Mali, Gosha Ostretsov, Sergey Pakhomov, Natalia Pivko, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Andrey Rudjev, Aidan Salakhova, Aljona Shapovalova, Denis Shevchuk, Shishkin-Hokusai, Petr Shvetsov, and Haim Sokol. The show will be on view through 3 August 2016. Garrels, Gary et al. Interview with Ellsworth Kelly at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, May 7, 2009. Audiofile transcript, np. 1920s JAZZ AGE – Overview of Exhibition. Copyright image by Frances Spiegel, with permission from Fashion and Textile Museum. All rights reserved. Elderfield, John. Visions of Modern Art. Painting and Sculpture from the Museum of Modern Art. Exh. cat. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2003: 17-18, 216, 232-233, 331, 342, 347-349, 362. Text by Eugene Goossen from Ellsworth Kelly. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 1973. Maytham, Thomas N. Great American Paintings from the Boston and Metropolitan Museum. Exh. cat. New York: The Viking Press, 1971. Most sound waves, including the musical sounds that actually reach our ears, are not standing waves. Normally, when something makes a wave, the wave travels outward, gradually spreading out and losing strength, like the waves moving away from a pebble dropped into a pond. But when the wave encounters something, it can bounce (reflection) or be bent (refraction). In fact, you can trap” waves by making them bounce back and forth between two or more surfaces. Musical instruments take advantage of this; they produce pitches by trapping sound waves. Elderfield, John. Color and Area: New Paintings by Ellsworth Kelly.” Artforum vol. 10, no. 3 (November, 1971): 45-49. Wolk Nachmani, Cynthia. Taste in the English Garden: Nature, the Picturesque, and Ornament.” Say it with Flowers: An Exhibition of the Imagery of Flowers. Exh. cat. Hempstead, New York: Hofstra University Emily Lowe Gallery, 1973. Another area of strength is European art during the interwar period. Particularly exceptional is a cluster of major surrealist paintings by Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and Yves Tanguy. Other artists working at this time who are represented in the collection are Pierre Bonnard, Otto Dix, Alberto Giacometti, Barbara Hepworth, Fernand Léger and Ben Nicholson. The AGO is also home to over 150 rare works made by artists associated with Cologne Dada. Private costuming sessions provide unique looks for editorial make-up and photo-shoots. Face and body painting is popular for bucket-list and boudoir photography.