Mickalene Thomas

Jackson Pollock, a great American painter of the 20th century, established a distinct way of painting that produced a major impact on the world of art. Edgar Degas was born in Paris on the 19th July 1834. He is mainly associated with the French Impressionists, and is best known for his delicate paintings and pastel drawings of ballet dancers. However, Degas’s many outstanding depictions of horses deserve to be given closer inspection. Faulkner, S., Wood, L., Ivery, P., & Donovan, R. (2012). It is not just music and rhythm… Evaluation of a drumming-based intervention to improve the social wellbeing of alienated youth. Children Australia, 37(1), 31-39. Art and the Adolescent The young adolescent is at a stage of great conflict. There are emotional and physical changes to deal with and social concerns which create tensions and pressures. Although these young people are growing into adults, they remain in a state of dependency. Adolescents are often confused about their role and search for models to emulate. Young people have a vast assortment of new emotions which they need to address and express. M. Knoedler & Co., New York. Space and Dream. 5 – 29 December 1967. Catalogue with text by Robert Goldwater. Toolan, P., & Coleman, S. (1994). Music therapy, a description of process: Engagement and avoidance in five people with learning disabilities. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 38, 433-444. Questionnaires were sent to internship directors at AMTA roster internship sites. The questionnaires included functional musicianship skills in the areas of keyboard, voice, guitar, percussion, and improvisation as listed in the AMTA Professional Competencies. IDs were requested to rate the importance and mastery of each skill using five-point early Likert scales. The anchors for importance were: not important (1), somewhat desirable (2), desirable (3), very desirable (4), and essential (5). The mastery anchors were: Unprepared for internship (1), below expectations for entry into internship (2), meets expected competency level to enter internship (3), exceeds expected competency level to enter internship (4), and professional competency level (5). In addition, in an effort to determine whether progress had been made since 1986 in the teaching of functional piano skills, those piano skills rated as “very desirable” or “essential” to the practice of music therapy (Cassity, 1987) were included in the questionnaire for reevaluation. The same Likert scale as the one used in the former study was used in the present study to reevaluate the skills. In an ever-shrinking modern world it is perhaps hard to imagine the notion of uncharted territory. But less than 200 years ago a young Scotsman set out into what was then called ‘Darkest Africa’ to discover new lands and their hidden people.