Georgia ‘Keeffe or Georgia Totto ‘Keeffe was an American painter, who revolutionized the concept of modern abstract art. Oh, Martie, people always make a fuss about languages because a language is a big part of identity (and ownership). They may (and will) resist, revolt and make artificial rules, but in the end, the practical aspect of communication wins. Specializes in Face painting, Airbrush, Body Paint, Glitter Arts, & Stilt Walking. Sung, H.C., Lee, W.L., Li, T.L., & Watson, R. (2012). A group music intervention using percussion instruments with familiar music to reduce anxiety and agitation of institutionalized older adults with dementia. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 27(6), 621-627. Xavier Fourcade, Inc., New York. Arshile Gorky: Important Paintings and Drawings. 3 – 28 April 1979. Catalogue. 4. According to Carl Holty, when Kandinsky went to Russia in 1914 and due to the war was unable to return to Munich, Hofmann had charge of the paintings Kandinsky had left behind; interview with Nina Wayne, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., roll 670. Loonar Designs provides Body Painting for corporate events ,promotions and club nights. Music therapists can use the lyric discussion to help patients identify their specific problems or understand them better. Musical lyrics often bring up intense feelings, giving the therapist a chance to help the patient deal with them. Wright, Edward and Robin Fior. Painting & Sculpture of a Decade 54 64. Revised, 2nd edition. Exh. cat. London: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Tate Gallery, 1964. McNeil, George. American Abstractionists Venerable at Twenty.” ARTnews 55, no. 3 (May 1956): pp. 34-35, 64-66. Studies have found that music is effective in decreasing stress preoperatively, postoperatively, and generally for the patient and the family members and friends. Patients who listened to music while waiting for surgery subjectively reported lower anxiety and also displayed lower blood pressure and pulse rates than those who did not. Generally, persons who listened to music during a hospital stay displayed lower anxiety scores than those who did not. Postoperative patients have pointed out the comforting aspect of music, and described a greater sense of control of their surroundings (McCaffrey & Locsin, 2004). Music is even effective in antenatal clinics. Hearing live performances of music significantly increased the number of accelerations in the fetal heartbeat, signaling good health (Art and Music, 2004). Infants as young as two months incline their attention toward pleasant consonant sounds and away from unpleasant dissonant sounds (Weinberger, 2004). Greenberg, Clement. America Takes the Lead, 1945-1965” (includes artist’s statements). Part VI of The Artist Speaks” segment presented by the Archives of American Art. Art in America 53, no. 4 (August-September 1965): pp. 108-29.