Urry means plenty of different things – but above all else, it indicates an affinity for cartoon creatures and other anthropomorphic animals. Color, in particular, was a traditional strategy for making the imaginary objects placed in the architectural spaces of memory more efficacious.B. Bergmann, Introduction: The Art of Ancient Spectacle,” in Art of Ancient Spectacle, ed. B. Bergmann and C. Kondoleon (Washington, DC, 1999), 26: One common denominator that readily conveys the communicative power of this cognitive process by which something functions and is recognized as a sign of spectacle is color. As Christopher Jones says in his essay on the attire worn by participants in processions, ‘colors construct their own coded world.’ Even the audience in the stands presented a polychromatic spectrum of society, in which clothing distinguished social groups, and spectators could instantly see the key persons in the crowd. In the Forum, a candidate needed simply to … Read the rest

Here’s this week’s roundup of best new songs released on the Afrobeats scene.

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Best New Music: Wizkid – Simi – DJ Neptune – TEMS

Wizkid – No Stress

As we continue the build up to Made in Lagos, Wizkid drops the second single off the tape. “No Stress,” like its title, sets off to a relaxing pace as the Starboy croons about “this pretty lady.”

TEMS – Damages

Try Me” set Tems on course to be a music star, which is exactly what she’s become. Scheduled to share her debut EP For Broken Ears next Friday, the artist shares “Damages,” a new record which intimates on a relationship, the singer asking “tell me what you need from me” on the chorus.

DJ Neptune ft. Runda – Bembe

It’s widely acclaimed that Neptune has … Read the rest

All images © Bob Hendrikx

While traditional wood and velvet-lined caskets can take more than a decade to decompose in the earth, a new design by Bob Hendrikx is an environmentally friendly alternative that replenishes the soil. Breaking down in just two to three years, “The Living Cocoon” is composed entirely of mycelium, the thread-like part of the fungi that branches out underground to provide food to the rest of the organism. The decomposed coffins actually contribute to the soil health by neutralizing toxic substances and providing nutrition. Mycelium is “constantly looking for waste materials to convert into nutrients for the environment…For example, mycelium was used in Chernobyl, is utilized in Rotterdam to clean up soil, and some farmers also apply it to make the land healthy again,” Hendrikx says.

Generated without light, heat, or any sort of active energy source, the coffins are grown in one … Read the rest

Monday, September 21

2021 Edition of FOG Design+Art Fair Postponed
The eighth edition of the FOG Design+Art Fair in San Francisco has been delayed from January 2021 until the following year, with its new dates being January 20–23, 2022 and a preview gala set for January 19. In a statement, a spokesperson for the fair said, “After carefully assessing developments of the pandemic and its implications on large-scale gatherings, we do not feel it will be possible to execute an event that fully embraces the spirit of FOG as soon as January 2021.”

Hartwig Art Foundation to Donate Work to Dutch National Collection
Through a new fund, the Hartwig Art Foundation, a Dutch organization based in the Hague that facilitates the creation of artworks, will donate art to national art collection of the Netherlands. The fund will allow for an annual series of new artworks that, once realized, will … Read the rest

Services include henna mehndi, face painting, body painting, glitter tattoos, airbrush tattoos, full-body airbrushing and hair wraps. Many of Burchfield’s paintings represent classic Americana of the period, providing fascinating historical documents. Burchfield is best known for his “American Scene” paintings of the 1920s and ’30s, where he combined nature scenes with views of small-town America. Installation view of Emma Kunz – Visionary Drawings: An exhibition conceived with Christodoulos Panayiotou” at the Serpentine Galleries. Courtesy of the Serpentine. Gartside, Thomas. Market Expands in Philadelphia.” New Art Examiner, May 1986: 34-35, illustrated. Cheerful, lively, musical. The work is influenced by the artist’s observations of what people put in their windows. Musical Practices I includes the basic study of musical elements, vocabularies, and concepts in Western musical traditions, supplemented with global perspectives. Students will develop critical inquiry skills to study how music is experienced throughout Western culture, broadening the student’s understanding of different … Read the rest

After the eviction of Ozo, Laycon is among the last five BBNaija contestants. In a post on our socials, we asked our followers who were his fans the reasons they stanned the man, and trended #WhyWeLoveLaycon at the time.

Big Brother Naija boasts a monolithic power over consumers of reality television shows in this part of the world.

This year’s edition has arguably been the most popular. Perhaps due to the global lockdown. On social media, names of contestants and phrases trend like it’s nothing; to announce a disqualified contestant, a national paper tagged a tweet as “breaking”; elsewhere, on the streets, conversations twist in and out of each other to reveal the power of the show. You’re either for it or against it –and even in the case of the latter, you’re inundated by the zeal of the former, especially fans of a particular contestant, who keeps the … Read the rest

One year after she appeared in the Whitney Biennial, two pieces by artist Christine Sun Kim are joining the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., marking the institution’s first acquisition of a sound installation. The news was announced Wednesday in an Instagram post by Los Angeles’s François Ghebaly gallery, which represents Kim. The acquired works by Kim, One Week of Lullabies for Roux (2018) and Close Readings (2015), will debut in an exhibition on art and musical thinking planned for 2022.

“Together, these pieces offer a wonderful introduction to Kim’s complex, multimedia practice and her incisive exploration of the social life of sound,” Saisha Grayson, curator of time-based media at SAAM, told ARTnews. “Kim’s pointed, playful, personal interventions encourage us all to bring renewed attention and care to our individual and collective relationships to sound, and how we communicate and connect with each other.”… Read the rest

“Falling Horsehair, Gold #2,” encaustic, Japanese tissue, horse hair and thread in embroidery hoop, embedded in honeycomb, custom double length Langstroth hive frame, 19”x 9.5 inches. All images © Ava Roth, shared with permission

When Ava Roth adds the last stitch grasping horsehair or porcupine quills to her embroidered artworks, she passes the fibrous material on to her black-and-yellow counterparts. The Toronto-based artist collaborates with bees to encase her mixed-media pieces in waxy honeycomb. What emerges are organic artworks that consider interspecies interactions and the beauty that such meetings can garner.

Since 2019, Roth has been expanding the wooden frames of her works to twice the size as previous projects. She receives help from master beekeeper Mylee Nordin, and together, they vertically stack hive boxes, which are known as supers, and insert large, custom-made structures. The artist also has developed a more detailed practice in recent months. “Because this … Read the rest

As economic uncertainty continues to make the future of many art galleries unclear, one Brazilian enterprise has decided to move forward with plans to open an outpost in Europe. Galeria Jaqueline Martins, which has over the last nine years established itself as one of São Paulo’s most cutting-edge galleries by helping to revive the careers of many overlooked and underknown Brazilian artists, will open a new space in Brussels next month.

The new location, which measures around 750 square-feet, will open on October 17 with a solo show by the late artist Hudinilson Jr. The space is located in Brussels’s Sablon neighborhood, which is also home to the likes of Jan Mot, Gladstone Gallery, and fellow Brazilian gallery Mendes Wood DM as well as the Musée Magritte. Yuri Oliveira, who joined the gallery last year and had previously worked at São Paulo’s Galeria Luciana Brito, will become a … Read the rest

Andy Warhol was a famous and well-respected American ‘Pop’ artist, considered even as a ‘Post Renaissance Man’ for his unique and unmatched style. Shiff, Richard. 0 To 1.” Postwar: Art Between The Pacific and The Atlantic. Exh. cat. London: Prestel Publishing Ltd., 2016: 232-237. From the moment that it first emerged in the late 1940s, Abstract Expressionism has been a subject of debate. In this talk, curator Edith Devaney introduces the exhibition, the first of its kind in the UK since 1959, highlighting the full breadth and complexity of one of the most important artistic movements of the 20th century. Magee, W., & Bowen, C. (2008). Using music in leisure to enhance social relationships with patients with complex disabilities. NeuroRehabilitation, 23(4), 305-311. Cleveland Museum of Art, OH. Some Contemporary Works of Art. 11 November – 31 December 1958. Catalogue with text by Thomas Munro. Kelly, Ellsworth. Unpublished statement for ‘Line, … Read the rest