At its newly merged 20th/21st century art department’s first major evening sale this fall, Christie’s will sell Pablo Picasso’s Femme dans un fauteuil (1941) as the leading lot. Expected to fetch between $20 million–$30 million, the work will go up for sale at Christie’s New York location on October 6 alongside recently unveiled works by Paul Cézanne, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Joan Mitchell.

At 51⅛ inches by 38 inches, the work features one of Picasso’s three muses, the Surrealist photographer and artist Dora Maar, whom he met in 1936. The Christie’s sale marks its first time at auction.

The piece is a seminal example of Picassos’ wartime artistic developments, according to a statement from Conor Jordan, Christie’s deputy chairman of Impressionist and modern art. Completed in 1941 following the Nazi regime’s occupation in Paris, it is from a series of works featuring Maar Picasso made in his Paris studio as … Read the rest

Superflat is the Japanese postmodern art movement. Transparent: The quality of allowing light to pass through but not to the extent that the viewer can see through the colour. Two-Dimensional: Having length and width. Two-Point Perspective: Perspective formula using two vanishing points to which all parallel lines extend. Unity: The total effect of a composition resulting from the combination of all the work’s components. Value: The relative degree of lightness or darkness attributed to an area of colour by the amount of light reflected from it. Vanishing Point: An imaginary point used in linear perspective as the convergence of all lines that recede into space. Usually located at eye level. Di Peel, another Australian, spreads the paint on the canvas and dips her ample bosom into it. She then imprints her painted breasts onto a waiting canvas to create her art. She sells her paintings on her own website listed … Read the rest

Multi Award winning Artist & Producer, FLOROCKA has released the highly anticipated single, “MR LUCIFER” – His Open Letter to the Father of Lies.


Impeccably crafted with powerful lyrics & the captivating delivery he is renowned for, Florocka shows no mercy as he calls out The Deceiver – “The Angel of Light who turned into The Father of Lies”

Get Ready to keep your finger on the repeat button.. It’s another catchy vibe from ROCKANATION.

Art Cover for “Mr Lucifer”

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FLOROCKA, also known as ‘Akinwunmi Nathan Oluniyi Akiremi’, has been into the music and production business for over 27 years.
Besides being an accomplished Producer, Sound Engineer, Singer and Songwriter, FLOROCKA has written, co-written, produced and worked with countless number of artists including ‘Helen Yawson’, ‘Michael Abdul’, ‘Shalamar’, ‘Efe Nathan’, ‘Midnight Crew’, Áyodele Vincent’, … Read the rest

For the past decade, Vogue covers have followed an overall formula: dress up a celebrity or model in flowing designer fashion, arrange them into an angular pose, and then center their face on the magazine for maximum newsstand visibility. The results look like so many repetitive royal portraits in a museum wing. But for this year’s September issue, always the year’s biggest, the magazine worked with two painters to create a pair of covers. Kerry James Marshall’s imagined model wears an asymmetrical Off-White evening dress while Jordan Casteel’s portrait of Aurora James presents the designer on a Brooklyn rooftop in an avalanche of blue silk. Both paintings are remarkable in and of themselves, but they stand out even more against that staid photographic cover formula. They’re textured, evocative, and exciting, turning the magazine into a collectible art object.

On top of everything else, the pandemic has … Read the rest

In the not-so-recent past, when someone wanted to buy art, they had to walk into a gallery in a major city. Whether designated as clothing or furnishings, or both, textiles were valuable household assets, representative of both the character and the economy of the E. Wipszycka, Resources and Economic Activities of the Egyptian Monastic Communities (4th-8th Century),” Journal of Juristic Papyrology 41 (2011): 245 (discussing the monk Frange exchanging funerary clothing for a valuable object). The monastic economy, including the production and acquisition of textiles, was modeled on the household economy, an important point for understanding the social and cultural context of textile imagery in these monastic painted programs.Differences between monastic and lay household economies may have reflected great theological differences as the monastery came to be linked to heavenly Jerusalem as complement and counterpart,” microcosm” and macrocosm,” much as the portrait programs represent local saints in universal, or cosmic, … Read the rest

Wande Coal

It bears testament to a musician’s genius when he holds a country to his music as if a precious gift (it is). He gives it sparingly, deliberately, and some would say lazily. But irrespective: nobody be like Wande.

The iconic artist who began making waves a decade ago today shared a new project, the 7-track Realms EP. His only solo musical effort this year had been ‘Again,’ the syrupy love number produced from Melvitto’s golden soundboard.

However, a persistent complaint follows the new project, even before we’ve listened: there are just three new songs: ‘Check,’ ‘Ever Blazin’ and ‘Vex,’ a bass-heavy collaboration with Sarz.

Nigerian-American rapper Wale delivers a guest verse on the remix of ‘Again.’ Dance ready bangers ‘Ode Lo Like’ and ‘Naughty Girl’ complete the tape. As expected, all seven … Read the rest

Portrait of Mark Bradford, 2020.

End papers, small rectangular sheets of translucent paper that protect hair during the perm process, are the basis of Los Angeles–based painter Mark Bradford’s early artworks. While working in his mother’s beauty salon, Bradford began integrating the papers into abstract paintings, creating a layered scrim through which the paint emerges. The artist, guided by an interest in common materials, has incorporated items from around Los Angeles—including fragments of posters, broadsides, and billboards—to tackle issues of civil unrest. His painting Kingdom Day (2003), appropriating advertisements and other images, refers to the 1992 edition of the annual Los Angeles parade honoring the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In an attempt to help alleviate racial tensions, it recalls the first year a Korean-born parade grand master was appointed, following the fatal 1991 shooting of Black teenager Latasha Harlins by a Korean storeowner and the brutal Read the rest

Photography is used by amateurs to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments, to tell stories, to send messages, and as a source of entertainment. Just as developing conceptions of ancestry provide important background for understanding the monastic programs, the development for the elite of architectural forms that accommodated ritual household devotion and decoration that depicted (actual and ideal) ancestors also enhances our understanding of the setting of the later programs. In early imperial elite houses, the tablinum, typically located on the side of the atrium facing the entrance, was a focal point of the household as the office, reception room, and location of a household shrine. The nexus of atrium and tablinum was where current household business and family history were concentrated: ancestor portraits were kept in this area, where they oversaw family celebrations and rites of passage, and inspired the young to emulate them; and this … Read the rest

The Countdown is on to the 7th edition of the Annual African Muzik Magazine Awards and Music Festival (AFRIMMA). The biggest African music award ceremony in Diaspora that creates a platform to promote the diversity of African music by bringing top African talents across the world on the same stage to celebrate African music. Every year, African music unearths new talents and the past year is no different with different stars blowing up from South Africa to Chad, Benin to Madagascar and so on.


The AFRIMMA Virtual Awards 2020 Nominees List

This year’s nominees list features a raft of established talents but also stars a host of new talents in what seems to be a major paradigm shift on the African music scene. Revered names like Burna Boy, Diamond Platnumz, Aya Nakamura, Soraia Ramos, Davido, Master KG all earned nominations while newbies like Oxlade, J Derobie, Zeynab and … Read the rest

Erich Marx, a well-known art collector and patron whose decision in the 1990s to donate the bulk of his esteemed collection of contemporary art to the German state transformed the public display of contemporary art in the country, died on Wednesday, September 9, at age 99. The news was announced by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which runs Berlin’s art museums, and was first reported by the Art Newspaper.

Marx, who was named on the ARTnews Top 200 Collectors list each year between 1990 (when it launched) and 1996, might best be remembered for his decision to give the Nationalgalerie (also known as the Berlin State Museums) much of the work in his key collection of postwar art, centered around the work of Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, and Andy Warhol, whom Marx collected in depth.

When Marx gave the works to the … Read the rest