Personal Stories About Music Therapy

Piet Mondrian (born March 7, 1872) was a Dutch painter who played a pioneering role in bringing art forms, such as ‘Neo-Plasticism’ and ‘Cubism,’ into limelight. Among the two published studies is Rumball, 79 which studied nine schizophrenia patients and found that in all the nine patients energy” (sluggishness) improved and this was implicated as improvement in negative symptoms. Study by De souse and De souse 100 is the largest randomized control trial in terms of sample size (272 chronic schizophrenia patients). Music therapy given as an adjunct to medications found that scores on positive and negative syndrome scales and on the anergia, activation and depression subscales of the positive and negative syndrome scale (PANSS) improved significantly and also were significantly better than in the control group. Romito, F., Lagattolla, F., Costanzo, C., Giotta, F., & Mattioli, V. (2013). Music therapy and emotional expression during chemotherapy. How do breast cancer patients feel? European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 5(5), 438-442. Bedford, Christopher. Social Extractions.” Ellsworth Kelly at Ninety. Exh. cat. New York: Matthew Marks Gallery, 2013: 34-37. Sekeles, C. (2007). Music Therapy: Death and Grief. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona. The exhibition includes Betsy Stewart’s Bioverse No. 3 and Jeffrey Pitt’s Dead as a Dinosaur. Magee, W. (2007). Development of a music therapy assessment tool for patients in low awareness states. NeuroRehabilitation, 22, 319-324. This phenomenological study is an initial inquiry of the experiences had by normal adolescents listening to their favorite music. During interviews that included sections for music listening, the researcher asked four teens open-ended questions aimed at uncovering the thoughts, feelings, body responses and other responses experienced while listening. To ensure the exhibition represented a broad range of perspectives, the MFA convened a roundtable discussion with local women community leaders to inform interpretation and give feedback on the project, particularly on the Women Depicting Women gallery. As a result, outside voices are a key feature of the central space, and informed interpretation throughout the exhibition. Porsha Olayiwola, the current poet laureate for the city of Boston, will write a new poem and perform it on video, and the local feminist collective The Cauldron has identified quotes from feminist voices, which will be featured in the entry space. The constituents of figurative paintings are truly geometric in nature. The beauty emerges out of this kind of drawings as sole consequence of proper use of lines, shades – light and dark, color, texture, mass, volume and perspective. However, all kinds of drawings are the outcome of all these elements.

These are just some guidelines and basics that I wanted to share with you all. However pls don’t feel the pressure to follow any of them if you don’t feel like. The first time I started painted a wall, it was a small wall in my room and I started without anyone teaching me how to paint on a wall. I treated it like another paper and started painting the way I would usually do. Slowly, I got a hang of what colors go together well and what tools work for me the most. The reason I am telling you this is that the above-mentioned points might give you a starting point or a direction but you are going to have most fun and create the best that you can if you forget the existing rules for a while and create your own new rules or mix it up with what I have shared with you. Pavlicevic, M. (2010). Let the Music Work: Optimal Moments of Collaborative Musicing. In B. Stige, G. Ansdell, C. Elefant & M. Pavlicevic (Eds.), Where Music Helps: Community Music Therapy in Action and Reflection (pp. 99-112). Aldershot: Ashgate. Each year, the American Art Awards, with an intent to introduce the best American galleries to unknown artists worldwide, selects their top 25 picks for popular and accomplished galleries, only one per state. President of AAA, Thom Bierdz, shared with me why AAA has selected Octavia above the many other Louisiana galleries. Oriel Makers is a bit different from most galleries – it is run by a community of artists and makers, who share all the management responsibilities. It was the first of it’s kind in Cardiff and has become a local success story, celebrating it’s 29th Anniversary this year. One of it’s attractions is that visiting customers will be greeted by a different artist-maker each day. Research argues that multi-tasking is ruining our brains. The idea is that our brains are changing because we have to multi-task to a greater extent today, with all new technology etc. This is according to a Professor Clifford Nass, at Stanford University, and his research has been interpreted to suggest that listening to music at work can be detrimental. The results in this study seem to suggest that those who are heavy multi-taskers actually perform worse on a test of tasks-switching ability, which could have to do with a reduced ability to filter out interference. Research consistently shows, multitasking reduces the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of what you do. However whether or not music introduces a distracting second task is an important question. It is certainly true that employees can find music distracting, and feel that it hinders their task performance. However, many employees find music beneficial to their concentration.