September 24, 2020


Your life is Art

Rethinking The Role Of Music In The Neurodevelopment Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Art buyers and collectors have many ways to acquire contemporary works of art, especially by living artists. Good question. But my research leads me to understand that according to various gallery owners, the consensus seems to be that larger size paintings will normally tend to sell better than small ones. It is also the case that it’s easier to ask decent money for a big painting, – if not an outrageous price, – due to the extra perceived value, and actual impact of a larger work. Craft is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. In a historical sense, particularly as pertinent to the Middle Ages and earlier, the term is usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods, or their maintenance. Conclusions: Music therapy can immediately decrease levels of fatigue for patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. A reduction in fatigue may temporarily assist a more active lifestyle that can facilitate recovery and quality of life. Limitations, implications for clinical practice, and suggestions for future research are provided. Exploration time was almost equally divided between ontask playing (M=53.83, SD =22.15) and watching (M =41.74, SD =21.15). Only 2.41% of the intervals were offtask. The majority of participants (N=26) verbalized at least one solution. Participants’ verbalization frequency ranged from 0 (N=5) to 8 (N=1) (M = 2.35). Participants responded positively (M= 5.97, SD =98) to the question, “Did you enjoy playing with the KORG?” and less positively (M= 5.13, SD = 1.33) to the comparison question “Do you enjoy experimenting with electronic devices in general?” The feasibility question “Based on your experience today, do you think adolescent and adult hospital patients would enjoy playing with the KORG?” received the most positive response (M=6.10, SD =.99). Statistical comparisons of music and nonmusic majors’ data revealed no significant differences. Loran (1905-1999) was a California abstract expressionist, painter, printmaker, author and teacher. “Erle Loran (1905-1999): A Modern Artist of the American West” will feature a retrospective of more than 60 works in diverse media, including oil paintings, watercolor, gouache, mixed media drawings and charcoal studies. Newby, Rick. The Most Difficult Journey: The Poindexter Collections of American Modernist Painting. Essays by Rick Newby and Andrea Pappas. Billings, MT: Yellowstone Art Museum, in association with University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2002. Oxenaar, Rudi. Om het voorbij komen van een engel.” (Paolo Conte, ed.). Una giornata al mare. Exh. cat. Otterlo: Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, 1992. City Art Museum, St. Louis, MO. Trends in American Painting of Today. 25 January – 28 February 1942. Catalogue with text by Perry T. Rathbone.