There is very good media coverage of all the various visual arts. The artist used the charcoal quickly and spontaneously, sometimes using its side, sometimes its point. Artists are generally introverts. It makes sense, doing art involves a lot of time alone with just an easel, cigarettes, and insomnia as your companions. If you go mad in isolation, don’t choose art as a major. However, your solitary creative soul will have to network; speaking professionally with art dealers, gallery owners, or clients. A lot of artists are entrepreneurs, meaning that your success will be dependent solely on you. Hudson, Andrew. A Blaze of Color in the Service of Emotion: From the Collection of the National Museum of American Art.” American Art 6, no. 3 (Summer 1992): pp. 100-01. Depression is one of the most serious and frequent mental disorders worldwide. International studies predict that approximately 322 million ( WHO, 2017 … Read the rest

Art buyers and collectors have many ways to acquire contemporary works of art, especially by living artists. EMPATHY is a fundamental feature of human interaction. It requires both cognitive (Dennett, 1989; Baron-Cohen, 1995) and affective (Davis, 1994) components that enable people to recognize the emotional and mental states of others, and to respond to these with appropriate emotions (Harris, Johnson, Hutton, Andrews, & Cooke, 1989; Baron-Cohen & Wheelwright, 2004). Empathy allows for the perception of another’s thoughts and feelings, and allows one to predict how they will behave (Whiten, 1991). Music listening and performance, which is a universal feature of human behavior (Blacking, 1995), also requires components of cognitive and affective processing. We listen and are exposed to music for hours each day (Motion Picture Association of America, Inc, 2007; Rentfrow, 2012), during which time we perceive the emotional and psychological content in music; interpret the thoughts, feelings, and proficiency … Read the rest