There is very good media coverage of all the various visual arts. Chelsea: With approximately 500 galleries, Chelsea is one of the most thriving art districts in New York. The Manhattan neighborhood offers a wide variety of fine art, showcasing up-and-coming artists right alongside the well-known. Disruptive behaviors such as agitation and aggression are a significant concern among elderly persons with dementia. Physical and pharmacologic restraints, commonly used to manage disruptive behaviors, are often not well tolerated by the elderly. Therefore, there is a need to explore alternative methods of managing these behaviors. Musical cognitive ability may be preserved in elderly individuals with dementia, and music intervention is a relatively simple, noninvasive, and inexpensive intervention for disruptive behaviors. This article will review literature examining the impact of music intervention on disruptive behaviors in long-term care residents with dementia. Architecturally Abstract, Revolution Gallery, New York, May 20-July 24, 1999. Chester, K.K., … Read the rest