Piet Mondrian (born March 7, 1872) was a Dutch painter who played a pioneering role in bringing art forms, such as ‘Neo-Plasticism’ and ‘Cubism,’ into limelight. The brain mechanisms that process temporal structure in music (tempo, rhythm and meter) have been less investigated than those that underlie pitch perception. These elements could be regarded as a temporal ‘hierarchy’ somewhat analogous to pitch interval, melody and harmony in the pitch domain. Impaired detection of rhythmic changes has been described in left temporoparietal stroke and left hippocampal sclerosis, while other studies have not demonstrated laterality differences. However, functional imaging studies have demonstrated activity in the lateral cerebellum and basal ganglia during the reproduction of a rhythm, and there may be distinct representations for sequences with time intervals in integer ratios (more common in music) compared with non-integer ratios. The observed activation of motor structures suggests that the perception and production of rhythm … Read the rest

Georgia ‘Keeffe or Georgia Totto ‘Keeffe was an American painter, who revolutionized the concept of modern abstract art. Arnason, H.H. American Abstract Expressionists and Imagists. Exh. cat. New York: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 1961. Serra, M., & Juan, E. (2008). The river of life: An intervention with music therapy in palliative care. Psycho-Oncology, 17, 27. The community has been exhibiting its unique artwork for 35 years and Warmun Art has over 70 artists working in the community. The community has been closed to the outside world in recent months due to the global viral pandemic. Some of the most famous horse paintings in the world are the ones that depict the horse in one of the terrains with which it is most associated: The American Wild West. Drawing Connections: Baselitz, Kelly, Penone, Rockburne and the Old Masters. Exh. cat. New York: Morgan Library & Museum, 2007. American Academy in Rome. … Read the rest