Figurative art, alternatively known as figurativism, is a style in art forms -predominantly in paintings and sculptures. Downtown Gallery, New York. Paintings, Water Colors, Drawings, and Sculptures by Leading Contemporary American Artists. 2 – 22 June 1931. Catalogue. Artists from Babbarra Women’s Centre in Arnhem Land curate an exhibition on the theme of Kunmadj or woven vessels. This is the Kuninjku word used for material culture or woven objects including dilly bags, while fish traps are referred to as mandjabu. The exhibition theme showcases ancient and contemporary knowledge, and reflects the craft associated with the dilly bag which is both a sacred ceremonial symbol and a utilitarian object. This kind of program was likely also diagrammatic and directive in facilitating the social organization of the monastic this they resonate with later practices developed in monastic tradition in the medieval West. See Carruthers, Mechanisms,” and eadem, The Craft of Thought: Rhetoric, … Read the rest