A Giant With A Huge Creative Footprint

Lyonel Charles Feininger or Lyonel Feininger, the German-American ‘Expressionist’ painter, printmaker, and caricaturist, was born on July 17, 1871. Furry Artists use anthropomorphic characters in their artwork, in several different media (illustrations, flash animations, sculpture, plushies, fursuits, etc.) Some of these arts may be more wholesome and appropriate for public consumption than others, but hey, that’s art for you. The work is painted broadly and quite loosely in a bold, flat manner. The only exception is the blending to illustrate volume in the flowers, hair, and one pink shoulder. The artist has also employed a curvilinear brush stroke in some areas. Kirschner, S., & Tomasello, M. (2010). Joint music making promotes prosocial behavior in 4-year-old children. Evolution and Human Behavior, 31(5), 354-364. I am a gig glitter tattoo artist. I have generally positive feedback for this item for beginners and professionals alike, but have a few specific complaints. Graphic Arts … Read the rest

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