Galerie Blue Square is dedicated to celebrating the talents of artists inspired by the principles and philosophies of the Russian avant-garde. Dunne, Aidan. A Playful Style of Innovation” (Rubicon Gallery exhibition review). The Irish Times, 22 November 2006. WLFP offers temporary henna body art to stain the skin with gorgeous and unique designs. This is a truly unique service to introduce to your guests at upcoming events. American artist Betsy Eby, whose work is included in the Art in Embassies exhibition at the residence of Ambassador Ebert-Gray in Port Moresby, traveled from Columbus, Georgia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and Honiara, Solomon Islands, to conduct a series of artist exchanges with artists in both cities. The goal of this cultural exchange was to demonstrate and encourage female empowerment through art. Zimmer, William. ” Ellsworth Kelly: Leo Castelli.” (New York) Arts Magazine vol. 51, no. 8 (April 1977): 34. Goodman, … Read the rest

Anna Chromy was born in Bohemia and read in Paris, France at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere under Maurice Mejaz, the former director of the Academie of Beaux-Arts in Caracas. The trigger mitt shows its double strands in the finger and palm area but has a more intricate diamond shaped pattern on the back of the hand section. The thrummed mitt is of one basic colour with a white pattern occurring where the pieces of unspun wool are knitted into its construction. Repetition of particular shapes and colours occurs throughout both. The inside of the thrummed is vastly different from the outside whereas the inside of the trigger mitt does not have a raised surface. Nozkowski, Thomas. Artist’s Project: Thomas Nozkowski.” Esopus, no. 21 (Spring 2014): 65-81, illustrated. Moussard, A., Bigand, E., Belleville, S., & Peretz, I. (2012). Music as an aid to learn new verbal information in Alzheimer’s … Read the rest