His Life, Work And Quite Remarkable Legacy.

Hans Hofmann was a strong exponent of abstract art whose paintings depicted a relationship between powerful and vibrant colours on a clearly defined underlying structure, Hans Hofmann – representative of the Abstract Expressionism movement – was born in Weissenberg in Bavaria on March 21st 1880. A music therapist’s decision making regarding the music used or created in a music therapy session is an idiosyncratic sort of professional decision making, which is distinguished from the decision making of other health-related or music professionals. Decision making has been a burning research topic in many other fields such as politics, industry, medicine, education, and so on; however, research on it has rarely appeared in music therapy despite the importance of clinical decision making in practice. With a focus on clinical music listening, the presenter has developed an analytical model that encapsulates what music therapists listen to in practice and explains how they make … Read the rest

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