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Instead, I found: Archie Bunker’s chair; Dorothy’s ruby slippers (yes, the heels were clicked together); the original Muppets; and Catwoman’s leather outfit.

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Listening to music on iTunes is so convenient and organized. Raster graphics are a graphic image format that are created by applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Corel Paint and free open-source application Gimp. They are sometimes referred to as painting applications. picplzthumbs Raster graphic image formats store information about the file as pixels. Pixel are small dots that are used to make up your image. The larger the resolution, the more pixels there are, the larger the file size the image will be. There are different types of raster graphics used to compress file size using a range of different techniques. For example Gif file format compresses file size of an image by simplifying colour information of an image. It only … Read the rest

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