Staff Blog — The Old Jail Art Center

American Abstract expressionist painter Franz Kline was born on May 23rd 1910 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Flix: Gallery Artists, International Invited Artists & Emerging Irish Artists, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, October 1-25, 2003. So it comes as no surprise that playing, listening to, and especially dancing to a drum beat activates more areas of the brain than any of the other three major music ingredients. In a rock recording studio, the drums get more attention and microphones than any other instrument, and roughly half of the available decibels in a standard mix go toward the drums, while the rest of the band gets shoehorned into the remaining half. Ready, T. (2014). Sounding Home: Exploring the Use of Self-Selected Music as Meaningful Expression and Containment of Trauma with Patients Experiencing Psychosis. In M. ‘Loughlin & M. Charles (Eds.), Fragments of Trauma and the Social Production of Suffering: Trauma, History, and Memory (pp. 185-202): … Read the rest

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