The Reasons Why Donald J. Trump Does Not Deserve Our Vote

The 80’s had a lot of bad music, but that’s just my honest opinion. Appreciate them and cherish their heritage. This brings us, rightfully, to the subject of politics.

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BACK when the speed of PCs was measured in megahertz, most serious graphics design work was done on powerful and expensive workstations. 3) Paul ruined “A Day in the Life”: This dreamy album finale, whose primary structure was composed by John Lennon, has an unfortunate middle section written apparently too quickly by Paul McCartney. An honest listener will cringe just slightly when Paul stumbles through the awkward phrasing of the line “went upstairs and had a smoke, then somebody spoke and I went into a dream”, which has too many syllables for the melody and lacks the usual careful semantics of Paul’s typical songwriting. picplzthumbs It’s clear that the idea was to present a contrasting “day … Read the rest

The Reasons Why Donald J. Trump Does Not Deserve Our Vote

I have had someone suggest that I should try and do a series of these, one per month. We don’t need money; we don’t need help. As soon as I saw the title I thought of “Good Day Sunshine” by the Beatles.

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Agnolo di Cosimo, or Angelo Bronzino, or Bronzino II, one of the most respected Italian painters of the sixteenth century, was born on November 17, 1503, in Florence, Italy. I’d like to remind folks that women have only been able to advance so rapidly in society because of all the laws and protections awarded to women that make it impossible for men to compete on an equal footing. Affirmative action, title IX, VAWA, and many more laws and policies have given women HUGE advantages over men. This is why women are advancing over men – NOT because women are naturally superior to men as … Read the rest