Superflat is the Japanese postmodern art movement. Transparent: The quality of allowing light to pass through but not to the extent that the viewer can see through the colour. Two-Dimensional: Having length and width. Two-Point Perspective: Perspective formula using two vanishing points to which all parallel lines extend. Unity: The total effect of a composition resulting from the combination of all the work’s components. Value: The relative degree of lightness or darkness attributed to an area of colour by the amount of light reflected from it. Vanishing Point: An imaginary point used in linear perspective as the convergence of all lines that recede into space. Usually located at eye level. Di Peel, another Australian, spreads the paint on the canvas and dips her ample bosom into it. She then imprints her painted breasts onto a waiting canvas to create her art. She sells her paintings on her own website listed … Read the rest