Arguments Against Universal Healthcare In America

Draw a basketball ball on the front! It really doesn’t matter that it’s written in another language too – what matters is the white on black background. And it’s been going on for at least 30 years now.

best song ever just dance

Graphics editing is one of the areas where it seems technological advancements are happening all the time. Eliasoph’s long-term ethnography of a few slices of American culture illustrates how political apathy is produced in everyday life over the course of conversations, interactions, and in the “backstage” of life. Her findings suggest that a social norm exists that impedes political discourse in ways that censor such discussion in non-political and political spaces. picplzthumbs Late 17th century-18th century—Au am Inn, Germany: A painting at the Klosterkirche Maria Himmelfahrt includes a depiction of an angel playing trombone among a cluster and angel musicians (see detail and full image below; public … Read the rest

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