The Vandalism Of Art In The Name Of Justice

In the process, it also created many legends whose work continues to be extremely popular even today. Oil- and water-based paints are frequently utilized in artwork together with ink, pastels, and pencils.

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Italians have been coming to live in London for hundreds of years, including Canaletto, the famous Renaissance Artist whose works can be seen in the National Gallery and Buckingham Palace. A controversial film even to this day. Its depiction of sex and violence is some of the most graphic ever put on screen. But simply stated, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is a cinematic masterpiece. Adapted from the Anthony Burgress novel of the same name, the film is about a man, Alex DeLarge, who is a psychopathic delinquent. picplzthumbs Among his many delights is Beethoven, rape, and ultra-violence. He is the leader of a group of young criminals who spend their … Read the rest

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