Urry means plenty of different things – but above all else, it indicates an affinity for cartoon creatures and other anthropomorphic animals. Color, in particular, was a traditional strategy for making the imaginary objects placed in the architectural spaces of memory more efficacious.B. Bergmann, Introduction: The Art of Ancient Spectacle,” in Art of Ancient Spectacle, ed. B. Bergmann and C. Kondoleon (Washington, DC, 1999), 26: One common denominator that readily conveys the communicative power of this cognitive process by which something functions and is recognized as a sign of spectacle is color. As Christopher Jones says in his essay on the attire worn by participants in processions, ‘colors construct their own coded world.’ Even the audience in the stands presented a polychromatic spectrum of society, in which clothing distinguished social groups, and spectators could instantly see the key persons in the crowd. In the Forum, a candidate needed simply to … Read the rest

Muriel Barclay was born in Glasgow. There are times when collectors or interior designers need art for a specific space or effect, or for a unique taste. Commissioning a work of art specifically addresses these concerns. Commissions are not welcomed by every artist. Some commissions are a dubious undertaking even for artists do commissions. TL;DR – By breaking down the main elements of human-organized sound, we gain a better understanding of the neurological processes involved in each, which will better inform and predict the selection of musical styles and recordings in research environments. We’ll examine the difficulty of establishing the control condition in auditory experiments, the myth of relaxing” music, how audition relates to attention and distraction, and top-down vs. bottom-up processing of the musical elements. We’ll also touch briefly on the relation between music and language processing. Finally, we will give several examples of a brief paragraph that more … Read the rest