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There are many wonderful artists in Norco, California, including face and body painters, caricaturists, portrait artists, and airbrush artists. Milla, Martina. American Modern. Works from the Corcoran Gallery of Art.” Modernitat Americana: Obres de la Corcoran Gallery of Art. Exh. cat. La Corcoran Gallery of Art, 2008: 33, 148-149, 169. […]

There are many wonderful artists in Norco, California, including face and body painters, caricaturists, portrait artists, and airbrush artists. Milla, Martina. American Modern. Works from the Corcoran Gallery of Art.” Modernitat Americana: Obres de la Corcoran Gallery of Art. Exh. cat. La Corcoran Gallery of Art, 2008: 33, 148-149, 169. Landau, Ellen G., ed. Reading Abstract Expressionism (includes artist’s statements). New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005. Kuniharu Shimizu is a kind of artist I admire deeply the one for whom creation is a way of life. He has supported himself as a graphic artist, an editor, and exhibition planner. For the joy of it, he has created countless haiga as well as writing haiku and haibun (haiku with prose or narrative), and also bilingual short stories. He is an advisor to The World Haiku Association and finds time to judge of the WHA Monthly Haiga Contest as well. Fresno Art Museum and the Armenian Museum, Fresno, CA. Vosdanik Manouk Adoian a.k.a. Arshile Gorky. 7 April – 4 June 2006. Catalogue with texts by Jacquelin Pilar, Matthew Spender, and Dore Ashton. Cohen, David. Gallery-Going: Abstraction & Adventure–From elaborate construction to raunchy figuration, artists blur the lines” (PaceWildenstein exhibition preview). New York Sun, 19 March 2008: Spring in the City: S3. Colour: Mostly monochromatic. The light source is easily discerned. Highlights were painted last on top of darker colours. The artist used many tints and shades of green. Shape and Pattern: Tree trunks and greenery are repeated to form a pattern, relieved by an open space and briefly repeated at the bottom of the painting. The repetition creates harmony. Some people may see these artist as being “gimmicky” or seeking attention. Pretty cool stuff! I’ve always liked it when images of body painting come across my computer. It is amazing the illusions that can be created. Sounds like you’ve had some fun experiences with it. develop reading and writing skills alongside speaking and listening skills as they research, communicate, analyze, critically evaluate and review their own work and the work of significant artists , craftspeople , architects and designers and make visits to the museum and gallery sector. Johnson, Ken. ‘Reinventing Abstractions’; ‘New York Painting in the 1980’” (Cheim & Read exhibition review). The New York Times, 12 July 2013: C23. Asperger’s syndrome is popularly described as a disorder on the autism spectrum manifested most often by difficulty sustaining typical social interactions, particularly with peers. The subject of this case study was a 15-year-old male with Asperger’s in a mainstreamed high school setting. In a previous study the subject was given an MP3 player and told that he could keep it if he completed some tasks. The subject asked 5 boys and 5 girls, of his choosing, to tell him what their favorite song was and why they liked it. Then he was given a gift card and instructed to find the various pieces of music on-line and download them to the MP3 player. He listened to the music and wrote a paragraph about each piece explaining why his peers said they liked those tunes and what things about the music or lyrics he thought caused them to like it. When asked about whether or not he was aware of this music before the project and how he liked the music the subject indicated that this was not the type of music he listened to but that he had enjoyed coming to know some of these songs and would continue to listen to some of them. He also stated that he felt that he was “friends” with some of the peers with whom he had interacted during the project.

Klein, S.A., & Winkelstein, M.L. (1996). Enhancing pediatric health care with music. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 10(2), 74-81. Since the emergence of the study of psychoacoustics in the 1930s, most lists of elements of music have related more to how we hear music than how we learn to play it or study it. C.E. Seashore, in his book Psychology of Music, 17 identified four “psychological attributes of sound”. These were: “pitch, loudness, time, and timbre” (p. 3). He did not call them the “elements of music” but referred to them as “elemental components” (p. 2). Nonetheless these elemental components link precisely with four of the most common musical elements: “Pitch” and “timbre” match exactly, “loudness” links with dynamics and “time” links with the time-based elements of rhythm, duration and tempo. This usage of the phrase “the elements of music” links more closely with Webster’s New 20th Century Dictionary definition of an element as: “a substance which cannot be divided into a simpler form by known methods” 18 and educational institutions’ lists of elements generally align with this definition as well. Dementia is already critical issues in the world when the society experiences super-aging. This situation requires establishment of rehabilitation methods for relieving symptoms of the patients. We have done research based on our assumption that most effective music therapy differs from culture, because music is dependent on cultural context. Here, we propose a hypothesis that the Japanese music gives better effects to Japanese patients than Classical music. Another really exciting artist experience, Jodah. Thanks so much for keeping us informed about some great artists who would otherwise be unknown to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. I appreciate these history lessons. What a fabulous artist. Keep them coming. A University of Illinois scientist named Thomas Huang has analyzed the Mona Lisa, using facial-recognition software, to determine Mona’s likely gender. The scientist says that the software that he and his students developed indicates a 60-40 probability that the painting is of a female. Additionally, Huang says even if it is a man, it doesn’t match well with Leonardo’s sketch of himself. Day, Holliday T., and Hollister Sturges, eds. Joslyn Art Museum: Paintings and Sculpture from the European and American Collections. Entry Hans Hofmann” by Janet L. Farber, pp. 206-07. Omaha, NE: Joslyn Art Museum, 1987. From the perspective of a musician, anything that is capable of producing sound is a potential instrument for musical exploitation. What we perceive as sound are vibrations (sound waves) traveling through a medium (usually air) that are captured by the ear and converted into electrochemical signals that are sent to the brain to be processed. Since sound is a wave, it has all of the properties attributed to any wave, and these attributes are the four elements that define any and all sounds. They are the frequency, amplitude, wave form and duration, or in musical terms, pitch, dynamic, timbre (tone color), and duration.

One can’t fail to experience a dynamic, spontaneous and dramatic impact on viewing Kline’s paintings. The general inspiration of Kline’s works range from symbols of the modern industrial civilization such as railroads, engines, tunnels, bridges, etc. Though spontaneity is the most recognized characteristic, Kline’s many complex renditions are a result of extensive studies. His paintings were created after referring to his own compositional drawings. He would draw sketches first on any paper he could find before he began his masterpieces. His paintings mask the conscious effort behind them, but the visible spontaneity and intensity of his paintings classified him along with Jackson Pollock and other Abstract Expressionists under the title ‘action painter’. Many consider the Deesis among the greatest treasures of world art. Some Christians call it the finest representation of Christ in the Eastern Orthodox world. Some consider its survival a sign to us today. I am not sure what the sign is. Most of the mosaic has been lost. It is miraculous that the faces and so much of Christ and John the Baptist are still there to look at us look at them. Perhaps, Christ has saved this mosaic of Himself for us as a symbol of the power of God in art and beauty and how it can survive the horrors we create. I have thought it might be that the myth of the Priest entering the wall with the host in 1453 is really here in the Deesis. Christ has survived and is still with us on the wall of the South Gallery. I have never met anyone of any faith who has not been moved by this image of Christ. Cassity, M., & Cassity, J. (2006). Multimodal Psychiatric Music Therapy for Adults, Adolescents and Children: A Clinical Manual (3rd Edition). London: Jessica Kingsley. William Etty Art and Controversy features over 100 works by York’s most famous son, a controversial artist, who attracted both praise and condemnation. The artists came from similar backgrounds, but their painting styles were quite different. Contemporary American and primarily East-European art. Represents a variety of media, styles and subjects, ranging from pure abstract to highly representational. Li, X.M., Yan, H., Zhou, K.N., Dang, S.N., Wang, D.L., & Zhang, Y.P. (2011). Effects of music therapy on pain among female breast cancer patients after radical mastectomy: Results from a randomized controlled trial. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 128(2), 411-419. Dog sled, northern Newfoundland or Labrador. A dog team is being readied to tow the sled. The figures are standing on an ice flow with open water in the distance. The time of day appears to be early morning or late evening shadows are pronounced. Mats having representational images were usually intended as wall hangings whereas those with patterns and designs were intended for use on the floor.

Woodward, A. (2004). Music therapy for autistic children and their families: A creative spectrum. British Journal of Music Therapy, 18(1), 8-24. Langan, D. (2009). A music therapy assessment tool for special education: Incorporating education outcomes. Australian Journal of Music Therapy, 20, 78-98. Rubbings: Impressions taken by placing a sheet of thin paper over a textured surface and then working across it with a crayon, chalk, etc. Provides introductory-level study of piano designed for students with or without previous experience. Combines skills in reading music with improvisation and functional piano. Introduces some basic theory to help clarify the structure of class repertoire. Allows students to progress at their own pace. Determines grades by the amount of repertoire mastered during the semester. In 1920, Chagall, his wife, and their daughter shifted to Moscow and to Paris in 1923. In 1937, Marc gained French citizenship. Owing to World War II, however, the family had to flee to Madrid. During 1941-1948, they resided in the United States. Jewish martyrs and Jewish refugees were mostly depicted in most of Chagall’s works of this time. Meanwhile, on September 02, 1944, his wife passed away. The artist did not paint anything for the next nine months. In 1945, however, Chagall struck a romantic relationship with his thirty years old housekeeper, Virginia Haggard McNeil, with whom he even had a son. The couple moved to Paris in 1950. The same year, Marc began with Graphics, coupled with “Cubism” and “Fauvism” influences. Here, Virginia left him for another man in 1952. Later, Chagall married Valentina Brodsky, who was 25 years younger to him. Valentina encouraged him to undertake large artistic projects, for example, the “Cycle Biblical Message,” which was later installed in the National Museum of the Marc Chagall Biblical Message in Nice, France. Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate maintenance of music therapy treatment gains concerning relaxation, pain, anxiety, nausea, and perception of music therapy with patients on a surgical oncology unit during an inclusive design. Most of us know what kind of music or song can cheer us up.” To treat someone else is something completely different though. Therefore, evidence-based procedures were created for a more pragmatic approach. It is important to differentiate between music therapy and the therapeutic use of music. Music used for patient treatment can be divided into two major categories, namely MT and MM, although the distinction is not always that clear. Kostka, M. (1993). A comparison of selected behaviors of a student with autism in special education and regular music classes. Music Therapy Perspectives, 11, 57-60.

Steiner, Rochelle. Art for Architecture, Architecture for Art.” Ellsworth Kelly. Exh. cat. London: Serpentine Gallery, 2006: 18-29. Women of Action, on view in the Saundra B. and William H. Lane Galleries, builds on recent scholarship and recognizes the contributions of Joan Mitchell, Grace Hartigan, Helen Frankenthaler, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner and ceramicist Toshiko Takaezu to the formation and expansion of action painting in the mid-20th century, a movement typically credited to their male counterparts. The artist studied at the University of South Carolina from 1947-48. Jasper then moved to New York in 1948, where he attended the Parsons School of Design. Here, he met the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, an artist, Merce Cunningham, a choreographer, and John Cage, a composer, with whom Jasper had very fruitful and satisfying relationships. During the Korean War, the artist had a brief stint in the army too, and he was based in Sendai, Japan, between 1952 and 1953. Jasper Johns’ most famous artistic work was titled, “Flag (1954-1955).” He had achieved fame and recognition in his field because he was not scared of experimenting with different art movements, such as Pop, Minimal, and Conceptual. In fact, his works were more influenced by Pop Art, as they were usually themed around the images of the icons of popular cultures and activities. After Flag, Jasper worked on innumerable prints and the drawings of flags. These included the oil on paper Flag (1957) and the Three Flags (1958). In conclusion, these results can offer guidance for other universities that want to start university clinics with ideas on how to structure staffing and payments. It seems as though as a profession as we move to insurance reimbursement that university clinics may consider adding this to their payment programs, if nothing else as a model to their students how to pursue insurance reimbursement. This data can also provide us with guidance as we move towards best practice across clinical settings. It is clear that university clinics are offering a their communities a valuable service, sometimes for free, providing services on campus. They are also providing opportunities for students to learn from board certified music therapists as they practice and work with clients in these clinics, moving the classroom into the clinic. Stige, B. (2015). Community Music Therapy. In B. L. Wheeler (Ed.), Music Therapy Handbook (pp. 233-245). New York: Guilford Publications. Katagiri, J. (2007). The effect of background music and song texts on the emotional understanding of children with autism. Journal of Music Therapy, 46(1), 15-31.


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