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This painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy exhibition in 1782. At another level are the growing social, economic racial and other difficulties catalogued in the Hub.

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BACK when the speed of PCs was measured in megahertz, most serious graphics design work was done on powerful and expensive workstations. Wives love sexual confessions from their husbands. Tell her how much the idea of a real-life threesome turns you on. While you make love, describe for her, in detail, how you imagine it happening in reality. Make it sexy and crude. Women love words and love to fantasize. Many great acoustic songs have also been created by artists more traditionally thought of as heavier rock musicians. For example Led Zeppelin used the acoustic guitar to great effect in songs such as Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You. Extreme gained worldwide success by writing an acoustic ballad – More Than Words, which sounded quite unlike their usual funk-rock output. Tears in Heaven was a great acoustic song from Eric Clapton, who also rearranged his hit Layla to great effect as an acoustic song.

Writing hit songs about life is Billy Joel’s modus operandi. Seriously, nearly every memorable song in his discography relates in some way to living life to its fullest or remembering the good times. This is the Time” is a reminder to remember the now because these are the good times. It is about enjoying the present, because things inevitably change, even if we wish they didn’t. picplzthumbs It’s about not taking anyone important in your life for granted, because you never know when your relationship (or even life) will end. Another great ghazal from the great Jagjit Singh. This number established him as a great, almost to the extent that his singing style became practically synonymous with ghazla singing. The touching expressions are a result of the great poetry written by Kaifi Azmi, one of the great shayars of Bollywood. The music composed by Jagjit Singh, who has also sung it. This ghazal is an expression of human feelings for another in distress in a way that is probably never heard before or after.

Freer Sackler Galleries – (45 minutes though we could have spent a touch more time there) – I was again pleasantly surprised by all the Asian artifacts housed in this museum. What I especially loved was that they had numerous signs that were quick to read that taught us a bit about the importance or history of the items. Make sure to notice the Peacock Room. My opinion, it belongs in top 50 but again, i haven’t heard all of these songs so that could be a premature assessment. Thanks for the list! You know it’s a sick list since you’ve been getting comments for 15 months. Thanks again. Glad that you found this hub about Canyonlands NP informative. The stone bridge is wider than it looks from a distance but obviously someday it will fall. Wouldn’t want to be crossing it on that particular day because it is a long way to the bottom! Thanks for your comment and the share.

If I added up all the messages I received from the media in my formative years, they’d run like this: A girl can grow up to be a nurse, not a doctor; a school teacher but not a professor; a secretary but not a lawyer; never a police officer (but for the occasional police matron who looked like a refrigerator in sensible shoes and was mean) or a firefighter; certainly not an astronaut (but even if she did she’d wear skimpy clothes.) Women are to be well-groomed, made up and bejeweled at all times and that included all the uncomfortable under-riggings that made sure her flesh didn’t jiggle. picplzthumbs Women came in two forms – good girls who married, and marry they must to men who instruct them in life, cleaned their houses all the time, cooked three heavy meals a day for their families, didn’t work outside of the home, and were usually blonde – and bad girls, who didn’t wear girdles, partied, chewed gum with an audible snap, were unabashed about runs in their nylons, smoked, were usually brunette and ended up needing Perry Mason.

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If you are working in the art or graphics business, the de-facto software for vector based image editing and creation is Adobe Illustrator. Hi, Amanda. I love the pix of the angels. I saw the Thayer angel in person about a month ago at the National Portrait Gallery in DC. I enjoyed so much seeing it as it is such a famous angel picture. Although it is not possible to practically classify all online content prior to publication, the vague language of the draft regulations, however, could be used selectively to target specific users and online media outlets who have published content even when it is not harmful to children (i.e., ANY content), thus amounting to post-publication censorship. The censoring power FPB is a hangover from apartheid and it has no place in a digital converged future. 4. Taking pictures (it’s OK to be sentimental) – I am very grateful for the opportunity to visit all the places as part of my work. In all cases, I’m also glad that I brought along a camera. I was able to capture memories that last a lifetime. picplzthumbs It is also the reason I’m able to share some of them here in my memoir. I have many more photos that are too numerous to post here.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a famous tourist attraction in Australia noted for being the largest rock monolith in the world. According to the Aboriginal people this rock was created at the time of the creation of the Universe. Uluru was previously known as the Ayres Rock. c. 1675—Rome, Italy: A small group of musicians in the church Santi Ambrogio e Carlo includes an angel playing what appears to be a trombone with a bent slide and missing bell (see below image; public domain). This painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy exhibition in 1782. The portrait was commissioned by Giovanna’s lover, John Frederick Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset. picplzthumbs Depicted in costume for her portrait, Giovanna Baccelli was a famous dancer with the King’s Theatre at Haymarket, London.

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Have you tried to buy any Garth Brooks songs on iTunes? picplzthumbs Following the Walpole sale many artists, including James Barry and John Flaxman , had made renewed calls for the establishment of a National Gallery, arguing that a British school of painting could only flourish if it had access to the canon of European painting. The British Institution , founded in 1805 by a group of aristocratic connoisseurs, attempted to address this situation. The members lent works to exhibitions that changed annually, while an art school was held in the summer months. However, as the paintings that were lent were often mediocre, 11 some artists resented the Institution and saw it as a racket for the gentry to increase the sale prices of their Old Master paintings. 12 One of the Institution’s founding members, Sir George Beaumont, Bt , would eventually play a major role in the National Gallery’s foundation by offering a gift of 16 paintings.

The scenery is spectacular in the Rocky Mountain National Park. picplzthumbs Driving this particular road was an experience to remember! I am pleased that you enjoy these travel articles. 1589—Strasbourg, France: Martin Braun, a wealthy merchant, adds new upper floors and commissions carvings and paintings for Maison Kammerzell (also known as Kammerzellhaus), a famous half-timbered building across from the Strasbourg Cathedral. Among the numerous outside carvings of musicians—some with wings, some without—is an angel playing the trombone. Like many works of art of such age, the current carvings are the result of multiple restorations (see below image; public domain) (Pudlowski 50; special thanks to Valentin Guérin).

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Asmus Jacob Carstens (1754-1798) was a Danish-German painter and draughtsman, born in Germany, who ruled the German art scene of the eighteenth century. ‘There is always something new from Africa’ stated Pliny who lived from 23-79 A.D. This vast continent of Africa has some many firsts. The north of Africa is believed to be the cradle of civilization that is Ancient Egypt. It was in Ancient Egypt that the first museum came into existence. Further south are almost impassible barriers of desert and tropical forests, and beyond these, lies the greater part of Africa known to the Arabs as Bilad-as-Sudan, the land of the Black people. It was in this part of Africa in the Rift Valley in East Africa also known as Eastern Sudan that the oldest form of human life was discovered. picplzthumbs The Western Sudan (West Africa) can boast of powerful ancient empires like Ghana, Songhai, Mali and Kanem Bornu.

9. Consistency. The song needs consistency to hold it all together. This is related to the form of the song and also links other aspects of the song together such as the lyrics and musical concepts. Bobby (1973), starring two new leading actors in the leading roles, Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia, was based on a simple love story, which has been used before and has been used innumerable times since then. However, its legacy as a milestone movie remains unchallenged, since its unprecedented success coincided with the advent of a new generation of Indians, born in an independent nation, that was adamant to gain control of its own destiny. picplzthumbs Raj Kapoor had to make this movie with Rishi and Dimple since he did not have money to pay established stars and he was in desperate need to do something to pay for the debts of Mera Naam Joker (1970), which had flopped badly.

We read about these areas of the Rocky Mountain National Park ahead of time while planning our vacation. Hopefully, the pictures in this post will show what awaits visitors to this part of the world. The Department of Health (DOH) retains the importance of self-management in times of pandemic. COVID-19 was a public health crisis and one of the perilous threats we faced. Contagious disease is ravaging human lives, and the essential criteria for containing the deadly virus is to respond effectively to and recover from this health crisis. There is a sense of virtual spaces being freed up to ventilate the previously unventilated: the minorities and the marginalized, their aspirations, their political and social will all being articulated in the relative freedom of a media-savvy Western liberal democracy.

Iron Maiden’s third album, the first to feature vocalist Bruce Dickinson, was a masterpiece in every way – great tunes that yielded some of the band’s most popular songs sheathed in a unique turn on the Devil-as-puppeteer theme drawn by the amazing Derek Riggs Though most fans are familiar with Riggs from his work with Maiden, he has also done albums for Budgie, Gamma Ray, Alvin Lee and many more as well as numerous illustrations for book covers and more. Rocket Man by Elton John – So you might not be in an actual rocket, but with a little imagination, and a Bloody Mary or two, you can easily pretend. Elton John’s Rocket Man is among his greatest hits, a song that really captures his caliber of talent; no matter how many time you listen, it’s gonna be a long, long time until it gets old.

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But for hi-speed DSL users, Flash will have no loading problem. The music for this song was composed by S. D. Burman, another legend in Bollywood, while its lyrics are written by Shailendra. It is also possible to see the play without touring the museum. There are many dramas and movies that can make us cry like a baby, but among them, there are the best ones that will not end until we get our eyes wet.


The Heidelberg School of Painting was the first major artistic movement in Australia dominant during the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. There are only 21 paintings in our collection by women. Wow, there was Christian rock all around us in those years, it just didn’t have a label.