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You’re right that insurance premiums aren’t the only drive behind the high costs, however, the med. It can be enlarged without becoming diluted but you need software that can import them.

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London holds a remarkable history of over 2000 years. National Gallery – When you are in Trafalgar Square, you can visit this Gallery easily. Bollywood music is spread across the whole spectrum of “NAVRASAS” or nine essential human emotions, one of which is “HASYA” or humour. When great singers and music composers joined hands with some of the best comic actors in the Bollywood movies, they produced some great hilarious musical numbers that have continued to regale and entertain millions over the last several decades. picplzthumbs Glad you found this hub interesting and educational Alicia. It was my pleasure to share these paintings. “Goodbye My Lover” is a song sung by James Blunt who has a sad but a powerful voice. It is hard not to cry when hearing his anguish. This sad song is even more powerful because not only has he lost a lover, but a best friend as well. According to James, the song is about the woman who left him and he thought she was “the one”. It is a very sad touching song.

It’s no secret that The Little Mermaid has the best and most popular Disney songs of all time. The Disney musical film has a bunch of Disney songs perfect for both children and adults. Listed below is the ranking of the top 10 songs from The Little Mermaid. Nicely done. It’s been years since I visited D.C., but I remember this and other wonderful museums, and not having nearly enough time to see it all. The path back took us through a butterfly garden. Most of the plants were not in bloom, yet. There were many signs describing the various plants and trees and the type of butterflies which they attract. This was a beautiful ending to a cathartic day. I loved this park – got to see it in 2008. My husband and I stayed in the area for a week, and really go to see the park. One thing I noticed was how much the elevation affected us. We had a great time hiking and exploring the park, however, and would love to go back. Great hub that really captures the beauty of this area. Voted up, interesting and beautiful.

Rolling Stone’s definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. “Natalia Hatalska, blogger, observed that the Internet does not reflect the reality because the news we receive is filtered by the giant corporations. She quoted surveys showing that we have lesser contact with people in reality when we use modern technologies. At the same time, young social groups growing up in the age of the Internet manifest a longing for the analogue world in which we satisfy our emotional needs. picplzthumbs Took a trip to Walter Reed Army Hospital today. This the place where presidents get their annual physical exam. On campus the AFIP (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) has a museum dedicated to medical research and history. They have an extensive microscope collection, beginning with the primitive ones of the 17th century to the modern electron microscopes of today. They are presently exhibiting the cycle of life from the hereditary stage to birth. They use many different forms of photography, from MRIs and X-rays to normal photos. Many are surreal.

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Often the question arises: what should be used raster of vector format? He concludes that the stratification in the online associations will continue, for ‘as long as communities on the Internet allow participants to engage freely in the creation of social realities, economic and social classifications rooted in race, class and gender…will invariably influence relationships in virtual communities’ (ibid., p6). Ebo refers to this property of online engagement as the ‘cyberghetto perspective’ (ibid., p5), betraying a fear of negation and inequality being extended to cyberspace. But the facilitation of self-propelled diverse interest groups which use Internet communication to gain leverage in a world of inequalities is the rather more positive intuition behind this research.

Not only did I raise my own daughters, but I parented a series of foster daughters over the years and I’ve watched them as they try to emulate what they think is society’s norm as fed to them by that electronic pimp. I’ve seen them diet to stick-thin proportions after watching Calista Flockhart, dress like tarts because they so loved Madonna (or whoever it is flaunting their flesh on videos now), spend all their money on labeled clothes just like Beverly Hills 90210, speak like idiots from The Valley, and talk of implants and lipo-suction after some hideous reality show based on plastic surgery. picplzthumbs They do it to feel normal. These are definitely noteworthy artists, and I thank you for the introduction to these fine works.

thanks for such a detailed comment. The subject of female oppression in history is very complicated and the term certainly doesn’t do it justice. No doubt women have been in situations where they didn’t have the right to do certain things that men had. picplzthumbs By today’s standards that would surely be oppression to some extent but in other periods, priorities were different as well. For all we know, most women never had any interest in politics and perhaps the right to take political action wasn’t given to them not because they were oppressed but because they never demanded it. I’m simplifying greatly here of course but just trying to show that things aren’t nearly as black and white as many people try to paint them.

The still lifes that appear in the first and the second Bacchus are not isolated. Still lifes of fruits or flowers are present in several other paintings of the early period: the Boy with a Basket of Fruits, the Lute Player, the Boy Bitten by a Lizard. In all these works, compositions of fruits or flowers or even musical instruments appear as complementary elements of the human figure. With the exception of the ultra sober grapes of the Young Sick Bacchus, these compositions typically include a basket of fruits or a carafe with flowers (as in the Lute Player and the Boy Bitten by a Lizard) or wine, as in the Bacchus. These are the themes that Caravaggio loves to represent: the basket of wicker (or exceptionally of porcelain, such as in the Bacchus) or the carafe full of water or wine where he plays to reflect a windows or to hide his own self portrait. All details are always rendered with a maniacal” realism, including the imperfections of the leaves and the holes on the fruits, which attest the corruptible nature of the material.

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In the graphic design world there are two main types of graphics. The Rape of Ganymede may somewhat allude to Michelangelo’s love for the young and beautiful Tommaso. Ganymede indulges to the taking of the eagle which transports him in the sky. In the Renaissance, the Ganymede myth was symbolizing the platonic love”, i.e. a spiritual love free from any material constrictions, that could well represent the sentiment of Michelangelo for Tommaso de’ Cavalieri. We know that Michelangelo was thinking to this theme for the decoration, never realized, of the dome of the Sagrestia Nuova in the San Lorenzo church (the church where he had stayed hidden in 1530). The myth was admirably painted by Correggio, instead, in one of the four canvases representing the Jupiter’s Love.

Upload any file format and we’ll convert it to a high resolution vector graphic, ready for print or web. Australia has produced some fine artists no doubt. I can understand why you love McCubbin’s work. He is fantastic! Most of his paintings look so real that I thought they were photographs! Well, I am a new fan now. New South Wales is located in the eastern part of Australia. Sydney is the largest city of Australia and the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is regarded as one of the most stunning cities in the world. picplzthumbs The Sydney Harbour and Opera House are must see places. Central Coast, Hunter, Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains, Illawarra, The Hunter Valley Wine Country, Port Macquarie, The Murray, Outback New South Wales, Lord Howe Island are among places to visit.

The Smiths, in this respect, were beyond comparison, and in Morrissey they possessed a songwriter without equal in the miserablist pop pantheon. There were other bands, though, that had plenty to say on the subject of unrequited love. A whole genre of indie-pop, whether you call it twee, shambling or C-86, after the NME’s legendary mix-tape, was absolutely mired in it. Whilst bands like The Wedding Present (and for me David Gedge was the unofficial spokesman for the legion of shy-hearted boys who couldn’t summon the courage to front-up at the Friday night disco) enjoyed a lengthy spell in the limelight, many of their C-86 compatriots simply faded into obscurity. In some cases, no doubt, this was a blessing in disguise. picplzthumbs However, bands like The Servants and Birmingham’s Mighty Mighty surely deserved to be more than a footnote in indie-pop history.

Although Pablo Picasso might have protested the title of “Sociopolitical Artist”, he has non-the-less become one of the first examples of this expressive devise to come to mind. Thinking back to one of his first paintings, of a child kneeling at a communion rail, the author suspects most all of his works could be placed under the heading of sociopolitical in that religious quests, emotions, family dynamics, political upheaval, social changes, female issues, and personal strife are all major themes in the works of Picasso. The life of the ordinary man on the street is the subject of these ten great songs, which depict it in a way a hundred volumes of research may not be able to do ! Great music too. Congratulations. This is a very interesting hub and history on The Hellfire Club. I think this is a very amazing and creepy place to visit. Great photos. Great hub.

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First thing to do, start in Trafalgar Square and have a look at the four glass lamps in the corners, these lamps come from the HMS Victory ship. So, why do I do it? For me it is reciprocation for those who comment on my articles. If they can take the time to read and comment on my stuff, the very least I can do is the same for them. Our family really enjoyed our tour of the Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, and really believe that anybody planning a trip to Washington D.C. should take time to visit the place. Lotte E. Scharfman coined the phrase “Democracy is not a spectator sport.” The words insist that action be taken in order for democracy to progress. In 2009, there are more publicly funded training programs to integrate unemployed and impoverished people past the digital divide. With all of the availability to the average citizen, it is reasonable to believe that internet and communication networks have become an integral part of the democratic processes. Furthermore the limitless information potential allows for the public to access mass media and communications networks to discuss, protest, and advocate all forms of democratic government and rule.

4) Cher – Turn Back Time: Hilarious. picplzthumbs This suggestion literally made me laugh out loud. I would LOVE to see somebody get up and sing this song. In fact, I may learn the words so my friends and I can get up there and do it. Awesome suggestion. From the literature that we picked up, it said to allow four to six hours to drive to the Alpine Visitor Center at the top of Trail Ridge Road and return to Estes Park. Being a bit of a “camera bug,” I knew to allow the maximum or even more time to enjoy this wondrous drive which takes one through multiple life zones. Inject some interactive fun into your visit to London’s National Gallery with this entertaining and educational quiz game. Whether you’re exploring the gallery on your own or visiting with your friends and family, this quiz is tailored for the size of your group with options for one to eight players. Download the quiz to your phone or print it out and discover the highlights and hidden secrets of the gallery as you play.

Also, the complaints were minimal over the selection of the songs. picplzthumbs We have started the poll with 20 songs and later we added 5 more songs to the list. One other myth that generation X girls have shattered is the myth that girls don’t have enough testosterone to develop big times past males had bigger muscles and more testosterone than did females. It was mistakenly believed that the reason males had more muscle strength than females was because males had more testosterone. What they didn’t know was that the reason males had more testosterone was because the role society assigned the males required more muscles which in turn caused more testosterone being developed in response to more demands being placed upon the muscles.

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Less than a month after the Concerto, for unknown reasons, it was decided to record this concert in Montreux. The movie also had Neetu Singh, making it a case of triangular tale of love. The lyrics are by Anand Bakhshi. He’s resting, he sleeps crouched near the manger. A large gallery dedicated to Indian art is guaranteed to capture your senses, and free lectures will satisfy the information hungry while the gallery restaurant will satisfy the plain old hungry.


What I find weird about sex is how dominance is always assumed as part of the mix. It began its life in May 1856, as part of the Geological Survey of Canada. If you were a civilized and forward thinking person you might have realized this.