What Hides Beneath Geometrical Art?

Daniel Cristian Chiriac, born 1972 in Romania, paints oil on canvas. After a really cold night, I started to mull over whether I should cut my losses and move to another accommodation further south on the island. I decided to mull it over during the course of the day. Today I planned to visit one of Cesar Manrique’s more spectacular and magnificent creations, the Mirador del Rio on the north-west end of the island. It is a viewpoint and café embedded into the top of a 475-meter-high cliff. The location was created in 1974 by the local artist César Manrique in his typical style, consisting of a balustraded cafe, a souvenir shop and a platform on its top which are integrated into the lava rock. The building has the peculiarity that is barely visible from the outside thanks to a subtle and ingenious camouflage maneuver of hiding its structure under a heavy volcanic stone skin that blends in with the environment. Specializing in Asian art and antiquities. The gallery features painting, calligraphy, ceramics, bronzes and sculpture of China and Japan. Methods: Participants were adult oncology patients (n = 41) and their caregivers (n = 4) receiving care on a surgical oncology unit. Participants completed five separate 10-point Likert-Type Scales at pretest, posttest, and 30 to 45-min follow-up. Participants received 20-min music therapy sessions consisting of patient-preferred live music. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Arshile Gorky: The Breakthrough Years. 7 May – 17 September 1995. Traveled to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (co-organizer), Buffalo, NY, 13 October – 31 December 1995; Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (co-organizer), TX, 13 January – 17 March 1996. Catalogue with texts by Michael Auping, Dore Ashton, and Matthew Spender. Swantes, M., McKinny, C., & Hannibal, N. (2013). Music therapy’s effects on levels of depression, anxiety, and social isolation in Mexican farmworkers living in the United States: A randomized controlled trial. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 41(1), 120-126. Rosscornes, C., & Davies, E. (2012). Setting up and Developing Music Therapy at a Children’s Centre, for Pre-school Children and their Families and Carers. In J. Tomlinson, P. Derrington & A. Oldfield (Eds.), Music Therapy in Schools: Working with Children of All Ages in Mainstream and Special Education (pp. 19-32). London: Jessica Kingsley. Methods: I identified sources by conducting electronic databases research, reviewing bibliographical lists included in Aigen (2008a; 2008b), reviewing the indexes of major music therapy journals, and the published volumes of Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy. After removing duplicates and screening studies for meeting eligibility criteria, I identified a total of 28 studies to review for the meta-analysis.