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Robert Motherwell was a young American ‘Abstract Expressionist’ painter, printer, collage maker, and author. Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA. An Exhibition of Works of Art Lent by the Alumni of Williams College. 5 May – 16 June 1962. Catalogue. AliciaC – Those click-sounds are amazing, and still part of the African languages. We Westerns can’t do it. Totally impossible for me, anyway. But then, ask an Englishman to pronounce the letter ‘r’ the way it is pronounced by the Germanic language groups, and not to talk about the French-people who have another unique way of pronouncing an ‘r’. Since babyhood we develop specific muscles in the tongue and mouth in order to speak our mother tongue with a specific accent. I am glad you find the information educational and fascinating. Maratos, A., Crawford, M.J., & Procter, S. (2011). Music therapy for depression: It seems to work, but how? British Journal of Psychiatry, 199, 92-93. Dvorak, A.L. (2015). Music therapy support groups for cancer patients and caregivers: A mixed-methods approach. Canadian Journal of Music Therapy, 21(1), 69-105. Stephanie’s paintings evoke atmosphere and fond memories. She enjoys portraying the numerous affects light and different seasons have on the landscape both urban and rural. Her paintings of Edinburgh, Devon and Cornish vistas are the result of keen observation and skillful draftsmanship Capturing the pale light and uncluttered charm of her subject Stephanie’s paintings communicate a subtle quietness. Although people are not featured in her paintings there is a sense that they are never far away. Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, 1910, no. 114 or no. 117; Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, 1924, Retrospective Exhibition of Important Works of John Singer Sargent, no. 2, as The Lady with the Rose—My Sister;Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, 1950, The Adelaide Hilton de Groot Loan Collection, no cat.; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, 1983, Painting in the South (trav. exh.), exh. cat. by D. R. Smith, pp. 48-50; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1987, American Paradise, exh. cat. by J. Howat et al., pp. 48-50, no. 120. Although the Abstract Expressionists were friends, colleagues and lovers, each of the artists had their own unique style. Unlike what came before with Cubism and Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism did not appear to follow a set formula. This diversity is a celebration of the individual artist’s freedom to express themselves. Ghetti, C.M. (2012). Effect of music therapy with emotional-approach coping on preprocedural anxiety in cardiac catheterization: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Music Therapy, 50(2), 93-122.

I can’t believe that you’ve skipped right over Leslie Saeta’s podcast, Artists Helping Artists. She has well over 300 weekly shows and some interviews with some of the great artists of our time. The artist dabbled in every possible medium of art, ranging from his paintings to his book illustrations, stage sets, ceramics, stained glass windows, tapestries, and print-making. ‘Cubism,’ ‘Symbolism,’ ‘Fauvism,’ and ‘Surrealism,’ all were his forte. Bella posed as a model for many of Chagall’s works. The artist achieved recognition for several of his works, such as “Me and My Village (1911),” “Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers (1912-13),” “Red Jew (1915),” “Above the City (1914-1918),” and “The Fall of the Angel (1923-1947).” Upon his return to Russia, Marc Chagall joined the Russian Revolution of 1917. He was also made the Fine Arts Commissar of Vitebsk. Suzuki, M., Kanamori, M., Nagasawa, S., Tokiko, I., & Takayuki, S. (2007). Music therapy-induced changes in behavioral evaluations, and saliva chromogranin A and immunoglobulin A concentrations in elderly patients with senile dementia. Geriatrics and Gerontology International, 7(1), 61-71. Cyphers, Peggy. New York in Review.” Arts Magazine (February 1989): 100, illustrated. Conceptual Abstraction (exhibition catalogue). Text by Pepe Karmel. New York: Hunter College Art Galleries, 2012: 46-47, illustrated. During the 2017 Memorial Day concert (scroll down to watch!), noted soprano Renée Fleming mentioned an exciting event at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., Sound Health: Music and the Mind.” This major national event, honoring the power of music and music therapy, was made possible by a partnership between the Kennedy Center; Renée Fleming, Artist Ambassador for the Kennedy Center; and the National Institutes of Health. Plante, Michael. Ida Kohlmeyer: Systems of Color (includes artist’s statements). New York: Hudson Hills Press, in association with Newcomb Art Gallery, Tulane University, 2004. In recent years Morag Muir’s paintings have become more colourful, often echoing the hues of Eastern iconography and early Christian art. Recurring themes to her work include stained glass windows, flowers, textiles and ethnic bric-a-brac share the canvas, populating sometimes curious, ambiguous spaces. As much as anything Morag Muir is motivtaed by the sheer joy of painting. She enjoys the physical act of mixing colour and media to achieve specific textures and transparencies and the constant challenge of communicating her personal aesthetic in physical form.