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This, Steven Spielberg 1977 film, has become one of the most revered Science Fiction movies of all time. You will be in for a treat when you visit the other national parks in California.

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London, the capital city of England, UK is steeped in history with a unique mixture of old fashion traditions and modern attractions. The deserted village of Feltville, which was also known as Glenside Park at one time, is in the northwest portion of the Watchung Reservation, a 1,945-acre park in central-north New Jersey that is largely undeveloped. The village was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. I love old buildings and ghost or other historical buildings are one of my favorite spots to visit. I really enjoyed the pictures here. What a fantastic place to visit. picplzthumbs Classical based songs blossomed in Bollywood during a period that witnessed a great renaissance of musical compositions in Hindi Cinema, particularly during the fifties, and in the process, created a trend that continued right up to early eighties. This period saw some great numbers, which inspired a whole generation of Bollywood musicians to adopt classical music and consequently led to what is often referred as the ‘Golden Era’ of Bollywood Music. In the process, it also created many legends whose work continues to be extremely popular even today.

3. Activate the Shape 2 layer on the Layers panel, then create a new layer above it. Values and technologies evolve in interaction — a reciprocal evolution of ideals and machines. Since for Dertouzos, technology is unstoppable, we must continually consider how a new technology fits into present human reality and how it contributes, for better or worse, to the ongoing further creation of human reality. The simplicity and the grandeur of ‘Neo-Classicism’ captivated Carstens, who worked hard to infuse a ‘Classical’ spark into his work. The ‘Classical’ elegant forms depicted in his pictures were well outlined by the use of firm and dynamic strokes of brush. picplzthumbs In order to paint, he drew inspiration from Homer, Sophocles, Pindar, Shakespeare, Ossian, and Aeschylus. The credit for his fame goes to his exquisite paintings “Battle of Rossbach” and “Plato’s Symposium.” However, Carstens’ genius and talent are also well exemplified in his most famous painting “Bacchus und Amor” or “Bacchus and Cupid,” created in the year 1786.

This is a wonderful work of highlighting an artist unknown to me. My favorite pastime is going to art museums. I especially liked the white he used in the trees. It is amazing to me that many great writers and artists suffered with depression. Thank you for sharing this remarkable artist with us. 1725-30—Vienna, Austria: A fresco in Karlskirche (St. Charles’s Church) by Johann Michael Rottmayr includes an angel-trombonist (see below image; public domain). Hi Peggy. I have visited a few of California’s NP’s but not in many years. Your hub brought back some great memories. While Yosemite will always be my favorite Sequoia and Lassen Volcano NP were wonderful also. I would love to get to all of them someday. Great job.

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While programs, used to create and edit graphics become more and more advanced and offer more and more features, raster graphics are used less and less. 16th century—Mexico: An anonymous painting in the church of San Esteban in Tizatlan, Tlaxcala, depicts a choir of angel musicians consisting of three shawms and a trombone. Facing them, on the opposite archway, is a choir of singers with guitar (see below image of shawms and trombone; public domain) (Starner 110). Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) is generally considered the greatest French painter. picplzthumbs He created the last painting in this survey, featured above, “Women of Algiers” (1834). The artist was from near Paris, and this colorful creation is in the Louvre in Paris. I enjoy the colors, composition and all the interesting elements of this painting, and I had never heard of the Pre-Raphaelite artist, Evelyn de Morgan, until I stumbled upon this painting online. There are lots of great elements here: miniature cupids, snakes, monkeys, doves, and a vial of poison; an eerie premonition of the terrible fate that lies in store for Fair Rosamund at the hands of Evelyn, Jealous wife of King Henry II, who has taken Rosamund as his mistress.

The National Museum of Anthropology is a component museum of the National Museum of the Philippines exhibiting the anthropology and archaeology divisions. The ground floor houses the various offices of the museum. The showrooms and exhibits start from the second floor up to the fifth floor. During our visit, we were able to explore the second up to the fourth floor as the fifth floor was, at that time, closed to the public. picplzthumbs The fine art collection contains Dutch Masters including Rembrandt and Franz Hals, the impressionist art of the likes of Monet and Cezanne with also Scottish paintings including the Highland landscapes of John Knox. Nevertheless, it has made life easier and has made information better. The TV itself is not to be blamed. Its those using it to convey information to the Public. Finally, the Tv and the society is like the Chicken and her Egg. Think of which came first, then you will see how inter-related the Tv and the society is.

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Cartoon drawing is the most basic form of human language. The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – (30 minutes) – We also agreed that this could have been left off our must-see list. It is definitely beautiful and reverent to see. It is the largest Catholic church in America and even has a crypt and some chairs used by Popes when they visited the basilica, which opened up the opportunity to discuss the history of popes with some of my children. Everyone in my family agreed that if we had to choose between visiting the National Cathedral or this basilica, we would all prefer the National Cathedral. The National Cathedral was built in a Gothic style with lots of beautiful stained-glass windows. This basilica feels more modern and focuses more heavily on mosaics. Tip: If you do visit, it might be worthwhile to also stop by the nearby Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America which was built to resemble the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. It also offers tours of their catacombs.

I would say one of the most magical love songs ever. picplzthumbs There is magic, there is mystery, there is passion, there is assurance and there is love. At a time when it was considered unthinkable for women to enter into a profession and normal for them to aspire simply to marriage and having children, the French Berthe Morisot and the American Mary Cassatt overcame the prejudices of the male-dominated era and established themselves as serious artists. Despite their obvious similarities-women who painted women-they represented the “female” in very different ways. Morisot focused on the intimacy of femininity and Cassatt accentuated the independence of the newly emerging liberated woman, a sentiment that reached a crescendo with the suffragette movement of the early 20th century and which today we call feminism.

Eve wrote this song for her friend who was in an abusive relationship and ended up being killed by her husband. Here is another song that brings something positive out of a tragic event. picplzthumbs In this song Eve is trying to convince her friend that what she has with this man isn’t love. If he loved her he wouldn’t abuse her. The lyrics send a message that all young women should hear about relationships and how just because he says he loves you after every time he beats you it doesn’t mean he loves you, or that he will stop the abuse. In this song the man buys his woman all of these nice things to make up for his actions and uses her weaknesses against her in order to manipulate her into submitting. Eve is bringing something very real to life, many women are trapped in relationships that are abusive and too many don’t escape in time and end up being murdered by their significant others.

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In 2005, the Today Program of Radio 4 and National Gallery summer scheme were in the search of Britain’s greatest painting. emohealer— You have some of his art!? Wonderful! I think that is the most incredible self portrait ever. picplzthumbs I actually have an artist, the mother of my friend who is a marvelous artist specializing in portraiture, painting a copy for me. It’s great to have our attention brought to these artists who deserve to be seen far and wide. Thanks for sharing these beautiful paintings with us, John. The band released two classic albums, George Best and Bizarro, before the law of diminishing returns took over. Nevertheless, they enjoyed spectacular chart success, racking up a half-century of hit singles between 1988 and 2005. I have loved this painting for a very long time. The style and colors are very energetic, vibrant, and expressive. I feel a twinge of sadness knowing that this magnificent ship, that so bravely fought for her country, is going to her death.

A controversial film even to this day. Its depiction of sex and violence is some of the most graphic ever put on screen. But simply stated, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is a cinematic masterpiece. Adapted from the Anthony Burgress novel of the same name, the film is about a man, Alex DeLarge, who is a psychopathic delinquent. picplzthumbs Among his many delights is Beethoven, rape, and ultra-violence. He is the leader of a group of young criminals who spend their nights stealing cars, breaking into peoples homes and vicious attacks on their follow human beings. Alex is taken by the government and is used as a test subject in an experiment to force criminals to become well behaving citizen. With this film, Kubrick asked us to consider the greater evil. The monstrous acts committed by Alex throughout the film or our willingness to destroy a person’s own moral choices to maintain social order.

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At times McLuhan speaks of a movement toward a global consciousness in positive terms, as when he writes: might not our current translation of our entire lives into the spiritual form of information seem to make of the entire globe, and of the human family, a single consciousness?” But at other times, he expresses reservations about this development: With the arrival of electric technology, man extended, or set outside himself, a live model of the central nervous system itself.


He fled South Africa after threats to his life and family, settling in London, where he died in 2001. Alexey Sidorenko, the Russian author of the book ‘New Media Tools for Digital Activists’, meanwhile reflected on the lack of Internet freedom in his country.